Stockholm the 8 October 2009

Finalists ready for Trip Award 2009
The 22 of October its time to distribute the TRIP Award – the yearly price to the most successful companies. The winner of the Big Tourist price and the Trip Global Award is announced on the Swedish Travel and tourist gala.

RTS in Sweden has since 2005 distrubuted Trip Award to high light the business environment in the tourist industry.

Categories and finalists to TRIP Award 2009:

The Years newcomers
- City Airline
- Cykeläventyr Östergötland
- Funäsdalsberget

Strongest comeback
- Hellekis Säteri
- Glasriket
- Borgafjäll Hotell & Spa

The Best use of Marketing and Distribution
- The Silent Way
- Travelstart
- Skistar

The Silent Ways Nomination
The Silent Way is unique in the way that a little company can compete with the big actors in the Global market.
The Silent Way is today a successful company that with help of new technology and good knowledge about the market has succeeds to be one of the most recognized dogsledding companies in the world.
Nearly 100% of their clients come from outside Sweden. They are a good example on what a little company can do whit a right knowledge and good development homepage to compete on a Global market.

Trip Award