Top 10 reasons why I will come back to Silent Way...


1. The food
The food is so good that you'll want the same dish next day too! Award winning actually, beating some of Sweden's best chefs to it! Cantrell soup with a hint of chilly... anyone.

2. The Host
Kenneth (The pathfinder) and Catte (The Michelin star) are founders of Silent Way and who drives the core values behind the Silent Way, which landed them a Grand Eco-tourism Award. The tours are packed with ethnic backgrounds from all over the world, so bring along an open mind. Experiencing the people, their culture and share your own. Meet the host and rest of the crew

3. The dogs
The dogs are my lifeline! They love their job! You become friends the instant you meet. Its all part of the family. Not many have time to train and keep 50 dogs in this way, so take note how important this point really is. They are incredible friendly, like a house dog, yet sparks incredible amounts of energy to pull. Talking about being balanced yet enthusiastic. Meet rest of the family

4. The Service
OK, so there is a lot of things to help out with... feed the dogs, dry the cloths, fetch water, etc, but what would the trip be without getting hands on the details. The freedom in this kind of manual labor in the wild is a welcoming change from the city life. The comfort level is nevertheless higher than what I expected, with a sense of being taken care of all the time. Testimonials

5. The Gear
Trust the guide, and life is good. Its special feeling to sit in minus 32 degree and feel comfortable and warm, quite unexpected indeed. New technologies and advancement in arctic survival gear plays a big role. The sledges carries all the load and surprisingly a lot too, thus, part of the comfort throughout the trip.
Oh, and they have incredible good and free WiFi Internet connection at base camp / Umnes. So one can check in on one's business and call home over skype, etc. I really valued this point.

6. The Lodges
Large comfortable lodge for every stop, in the middle of no where? Yes. Apparently the Swedish state has pitched in traditional lodges way up and across the mountains.

7. Sweden
Sweden is one of the riches and pro-active countries in the world. They take real good care of their environments and people, a true inspiration for the rest. The people and their culture. Swedes are very conscious and heart filled with peace... just like its nature. To maps

8. The tour programs
When I come back next time I will bring a group of friends and do a custom tour. The balanced time in the lodges, meal times, and time on the sledge is great... that's the tour program. Fulfilling time for contemplation... with amble opportunities being both totally still and letting go, merging with nature, as well as opening up to new possibilities.

9. The Lights
Sun, northern light and rainbow colors in the snow... ahh the strong Arctic light. Well, they just don't exist in this way elsewhere... nature at its best. Lapland is the Alaska of Europe and it is said the northern light here is the best there is anywhere.

10. The feeling!
How deep down the rabbit hole do you want to go? The satisfying moment of making intuitive decisions to take a trip like this. Letting the experience arise as it happens... across the mountains and deep forests... gradually identifying with the awesome nature itself... as after all... we are that too.

World Traveller, Kim from England
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