Weekend Tours

The Silent Way – Snowmobile adventures
Dates for your weekend adventure:
9/2,16/2, 23/2, 23/3, 30/3, 13/4

We use 4-stroke engines on our adventures – the best for the nature and the driver!
The nature you will discover is beautiful and various, you drive through big pine forest, small mountain birch forest, over frozen lakes and up on high mountain plateaus and down in deep valleys. You can trust that we have the best touring equipment, expert guides and wonderful trails to make this an unforgettable experience, whether you're a novice or a snowmobile enthusiast. So bring your sense of adventure and let us take you out in our nature, breed the fresh air and take you away from the daily life for some days.

Arrival to Hemavan airport 13.20. After one hour in the car you arrive in our village Umnäs. We eat a late lunch and go through your equipment and clothes. After we packed and you are dressed up and ready to go you get a lesson how the snowmobile works and how to drive it.
We go 50 km through fairytale forest, frozen lakes and over a mountain before we come to Överstjuktan lodge for overnight and dinner.

After a nice breakfast we jump up on our snowmobiles and go to Tärnalake lodge, 75 km. After half way we stop for outdoor lunch. When we arrive to Tärnalake we heat the sauna with wood and take a bath in the snow! Maby time for icefishing. Dinner and overnight in Tärnalake lodge.

After breakfast we enter our snowmobiles and go back to Umnäs, 100 km. Outdoors lunch after the trail. In Umnäs village you can take a sauna and shower before dinner.
In the evening we relax and talk about our adventure.

Departure day. After a late breakfast you some hours to relax, visit the snowmobile museum or take a walk before its time to go back to Hemavan airport.