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Crystal days and Northern Light III, 15-20 Dec 2011

Dear Kenneth and Catrine
Any words used to describe The Silent Way experience would simply not do it justice. To try and explain the feelings experienced on your tours would barely provide you and your beautiful dogs with the reward and recognition that is deserved.
You offer an experience that is unique yet surreal and ever so personal.
Thank you for an experience that will never be forgotten.
All the best for the future.
Tony Forrester – Australia

When Tony signed me up for this adventure I had no idea what I was in for. I had never seen snow until I arrived and I can only describe it as “Narnia”. This place is as close to heaven as I can imagine, and whit this beautiful dogs here I was truly in my element. Thank you for everything. Words are really not enough.
Natalie Forrester - Australia
Ps. If Tanja is missing I put her in my bag!

To Kenneth and Catrine
Thank you so much for hospitality. Words really cannot describe how wonderful this trip was, I will remember it for the rest of my life.
This is not your ordinary adventure holiday. You are really in the wilderness, not some sterile safe corporate mock up. There are moments of fear, but Kenneth is always there to support you and the felling at the end of the day, when you have achieved so much is awesome.
I would also like to thank Catrine for her wonderful home cooked food. As a chef I appreciate how much effort goes into catering, and yours was the icing on the cake of this holiday.
Thanks to both of you and to all your wonderful dogs.
Oli Fuller - England/Sweden

Happy New Year Adventure, 28 Dec 2011 – 4 Jan 2012

Dear Kenneth, Catrine, Rikard and the dogs
Thank you so much for your kind hospitality during our stay in beautiful Sweden. I have fallen in love in your village! It is a fantastic setting for an unforgettable trip that we have had. I’ve never seen such beautiful mountains, snowy forests, endless skies and storms like we were lucky enough to experience. I feel privileged to have had such a fantastic time in such environment – one which few will have the opportunity to visit.
I must also mention your wonderful dogs, what an absolutely dream to play with them – I have never seen such well-behaved, friendly, kind and loving dogs as these, who work so well and are treated so kindly. Thank you for giving me the chance to play with them! If I could take Apollo home, he stole my heart. Finally thank you for being such wonderful hosts. Wonderful cooking! (please Catrine, make that cookbook) and above all, the safety was perfect.
Truly lovely people, I will be back! Love.
Ruth - London/UK

Dear Kenneth & Catte
Thanks so much for your kindness and your hospitality. Your lifestyle and ethos is a real inspiration and you are fantastic and inspirational in the way in which your dogs play a central role in your lives and on our tour.
The way you two interact with the animals is really very special and its obvious how much effort, time and love goes making The Silent Way work.
Thank you and see you again!
Luke Scheybeler – London, UK
Ps. Ruth is in tears and wants a husky for her birthday…

Dear Catrine and Kenneth
I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done to ensure that this trip is one of the most incredible and memorable things I have ever done. You can’t help but fall in love with every aspect of this place, from the dogs to the food, the company and the beautiful surroundings you call home. It was a real pleasure to be able to experience riding through sunshine, storm and everything in-between & having such great guides to show you around. It was an absolutely amazing experience and I feel extremely lucky to have met such, wonderful, kind and hardworking people as yourselves and your beautiful dogs. Thank you so much again & I have no doubt I’ll be coming back to see you again in the future.
The food was amazing, thank you Catrine, I definitely going to miss that!
Andrew Fisher – Townsville Australia

Dear Kenneth and Catrine
I would like to thank you both for one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I have now seen a true winter in one of the most beautiful places in the world and it was made even better by your passion, kindness and hospitality.
The way you look after your dogs is fantastic and makes them a pleasure both to work and play with. Each day was made unforgettable when we all sat together for the evening meal and talked about the day while eating the most amazing food.
Thanks for a fantastic trip and hope to visit again one day.
Liam Fisher – Townsville Australia

I can’t thank you enough for making this experience in Swedish Lapland so wonderful – or in my words, awesome! You have both worked tremendously hard to ensure we were all well fed, warm, comfortable, and most important having fun. I have never seen anything like the wilderness here – the light at different times of the day and some extreme weather conditions. You have done a fantastic job with all the dogs who work extremely hard and who are so incredible well behaved and friendly. They are a credit to you. The snowmobile trip was a nice touch, and we were even fortunate enough to see the Northern Light! And one final thank you for the drinks and lanterns at New Years Eve. I wish you all the very best for the future, and I hope to see you again – I am already looking forward to it.
Thank you and all the best for 2012.
Pam Buttifant – UK

Crystal lodge to lodge, 11-17 Jan 2012

Kenneth “you the man” your leadership of both us and the dogs was excellent. The dogs were incredible, no matter how tough the conditions they still enjoyed working and when they weren’t working their behavior were a credit to you. So social and kind!!
Catrine your food and hospitality was second to none added to this breathtaking scenery, this was the perfect holiday!
Take care, I’ll be back!
Lynsey Wheeler – England

Brilliant, expected to be difficult, I wasn’t disappointed, only fell off a few … times. Just about to get the hang of it at the end. Catrine does a fantastic job with all the food, clothes and bedding for us. Those dogs work so hard and yet are really to go whenever you ask. Had a nice variety of weather and track conditions made for a great challenge.
All I need to do now is work out how to steer with both feet on the brake downhill and when the sled leaves the ground!
Donella-Marie – London, UK.

Stars and Northern Light I, 27 Jan-2 Feb 2012

Thank you for such an AWASOME adventure!! The sights were spectacular, the food was delicious and the dogs were simply amazing.
This meant a lot to me, and it gave me time to reflect in some of the most beautiful scenery in the world! And it was great fun laughing and chatting about the day’s events over dinner. Wow what an amazing time.
I cannot thank you enough for a amazing adventure, and I am looking forward to doing it again.
Richard Moyle – Perth, Western Australia

All at The Silent Way
Superb, breath taking, phenomenal. We are so grateful for your incredible generosity, kindness, … and of course patience, picking me up each time I fell off!
We had the most amazing time.
Catrine, Kenneth and Rikard – thank you all.
Emily and Darren - UK

Simply spectacular and breathtaking. Its impossible to describe the experiences of the last five days. Countless wonderful memories of scenery, excitement on the back of the sled through different terrains, fantastic food and company. It was a pure joy working with the dogs, watching their tongues flapping out of their mouths as they ran with the sled behind, getting sloppy dog kisses in the mornings and hunting for their nuggets of black gold in the snow after feeding time. Several I went out and just sat with them alone in the snow in the darkness, listening to them sleeping – I don’t think I have ever experienced something so peaceful and beautiful. Thank you for that opportunity, thank you also for the opportunity to share such a fantastic adventure with my father. All three of you are pure gems in this snow paradise!
Tack så mycket för ett otroligt äventyr och för att ni har delat med era v er värld till oss!
See you again soon!
Emma – New Zeeland + Falun, Sweden

Wow, what a fantastic experience. Thank you Kenneth, Catrine and Rikard not forgetting the team of dogs. It truly was a wonderful adventure –stunning scenery, great people, delicious food. There was no times when I felt at risks or couldn’t handle the conditions. The “Silent Way” is truly that. The fun of being with Emily, Darren, Richard and my daughter Emma has enriched my life. Perhaps I will get back here – I hope so.
Martin – New Zeeland

Private adventure 6-10 February 2012

It has been a truly enriching experience with Catrine and Kenneth who seem so connected with their environment, their dogs and their lifestyle and are so generous in sharing them all with us.
We greatly enjoyed our time here and hope to return for another adventure.
Lew and Julian – Perth, Western Australia

Stars and Northern Light, 6-12 February 2012

Dear Kenneth, Catrine and Rikard
Thank you all for a true Laplandish adventure. It certainly will go down as one of the most incredible experiences of our lives. Your country is beautiful. The stark contrasts of whites, grays and black make it a very strange place to be, slightly sliding across. Without you guys it would be quite scary and intimidating, but you always made us feel welcome, part of the family and at ease, but not too tough and the accommodation was wonderful. The food was incredible and kept our energy up and our bodies warm. The dogs were amazing and we will miss our teams dearly. They are all so very sweet and so full of love and so eager to please.
Fond memories include falling in the mud, falling in the snow, falling on the road, watching others fall. Crossing frozen lakes. Amazing!
See you in Africa soon!?
Live well!
Carmen and Gordon – South Africa

Dear Kenneth, Catrine and Rikard
Thanks for this great experience. It was something I wanted to do for a very long time and I certainly don’t regret it. It was incredible good, the dogs were great and sweet and the food we got during the trip was marvelous. I loved the beautiful views and the enormous amount of snow. Again thanks for this excellent arranged trip.
Stay well and hopefully till a next time.
Sipke – The Netherlands

Dear Kenneth, Catrine and Rikard
This experience exceeded any expectations I had for it. Words like “stunning” and “breathtaking” came floating by on more than one occasion as we worked our way, through forests, glide across the lakes or trudged the plateaus. I also come away with a profound appreciation for the fact that excursions such as these don’t simply “happen”. The amount of work involved is enormous and I am grateful that we were encouraged to do our share, “if we liked” You have all been very good to us and for this, too, I am grateful.
Erik Kolbell – Oregon, USA

Dear Kenneth, Catrine and Rikard
While the days were cold and the nights were colder, your homes and cabins were always warm. The experiences I have had over the past six days will last a lifetime, and can never be replaced or matched – we couldn’t have done this without your skills, knowledge and generosity in sharing it all with us. You have giving a feeling and memory that will stay with me always – my greatest that’s and appreciation.
Richard Kolbell – Oregon, USA

2-veckors praktik i februari 2012

Vi har nu varit här I drygt 2 veckor och vår praktijk börjar nu tyvärr närma sig sitt slut. Allt vi gjort här har varit mycket roligt och lärorikt, till exempel att inte gå ut med valpar utan koppel…
Vi har från början känt oss väldigt välkomnade av både er och era härliga hundar.
Vi vill tacka er för att ni gett oss möjligheten att komma hit upp och uppleva detta! Ni har gett oss många härliga skratt och gjort tiden här väldigt bra!
Hoppas att vi någon gång ses igen!
Mänga kramar!
Sara & Olivia - Borås

Sunshine Awakening I, 14-20 February 2012

Many thanks for a wonderful experience, especially the blizzard!
The dogs were fantastic all the time. We enjoyed working with the dogs who were well behaved and affectionate.
The scenery was out of this world, something we have never seen before.
Catrine, food was great!
We will visit these memories for many years to come.
All the best!
Roger and Claudie - Durban South Africa

Thank you all!
Everyone has such a huge standard to care of us and keeping the dogs fit and happy.
It has been such a great experience for me from learning a new skill and appreciating the connection between dogs and man. To have some understanding in the old ways of doing things.
Memorable moments include beautiful scenery.
Thanks for keeping this adventure so lively and available for people, congratulations on providing such an excellent experience for me.
Thank you!
Ann – New Zeeland

Sunshine Awakening II, 22-29 February 2012

It has been terrific!
Kevin and Christoph – Switzerland

Thank you for everything! This week has been amazing and is one of the best times, away from home. You all have trained the dogs so well.
Catrine, the food you prepared is out of this world, every meal was to die for.
Thanks Arwen, Rosie, Nike, Vidar, Oboy and Melon! The bands we created with the dogs are unforgettable and for me are everlasting. I hope they will remember me next time!
Their loves to run are so full of energy! And after a long day of mushing the dogs curl up on their beds of straw and doze quietly into the night.
I’m definitely glad I came here to Kenneth and Catrines kennel and wouldn’t choose any other.
The quietness fills your mind with peace and calms you down from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the city.
Thank you again, and I hope to see you and the dogs again!
Derek – USA

Northern Silence I, 2-8 March 2012

Sensational trip over mountains, lakes and through valleys. Lived through the whole trip and returned Isa, Rosie, Athena, Neo, Tiger and Jet home safely. Dogs, food and cabins all wonderful. Even got to see the Northern Light.
Thanks for the care and the life long memories. I hope to comeback.
Leeanne – Brisbane, Australia

Thanks for everything!
It has been just perfect, much better than what we ever could dream about!
Jenny and Bill – Australia

Sound of Silence I, 20-26 March 2012

Dear Kenneth + Catrine
I spent several weeks researching adventures tours world-wide in which to spend my 50th birthday. I feel very fortunate to have chosen The Silent Way to mark my half century on this planet. I’m appreciative for the fine team of beautiful and hardworking dogs you put together for me: Tanja and Saga in the lead, followed by Rosie, Nike, Tiger and Frodo, with Elvis and Apollo taking up the wheel.
I will never forgot their desire to pull under any and all circumstances, the distinct personalities of each, but mostly their gentleness and kindness – what lovely dogs you both have raised. You can and love for your dogs comes through clearly in all that you do.
It was very interesting to me how you are able to strike the perfect balance of seriousness in regards to the safety of both guests and the dogs, yet kept it light, fun and ultimately extremely enjoyable.
I guess the real measures of a successful adventure would be 1) would you recommend this Silent Way trip to others and 2) would one do it again? On both counts, a resounding YES from my perspective.
In closing, a deeply sincere thank you for the fine food, clean and warm accommodations, beautiful dogs, but mostly for your friendship. See you in 2013!
Warmest wishes!
Gene – Chicago, USA

Dear Kenneth and Catrine
Throughout this amazing adventure we have been so appreciative of the thought, care and planning that you put into every aspect of it to create a unique, special experience.
The dogs – we adored the dogs, their enthusiasm, friendship and personalities.
Great food! Kent was particular appreciative of the Souvas and other yummy local goodies.
Our total confidence kept us going through some serious weather – we know you could handle anything. We enjoyed your stories of the toughest times and were glad it wasn’t us!
So thank you! You are both stars and I hope we will be back.
Good luck with everything!
Gill and Kent – New York, USA

Dear Kenneth and Catrine
Thank you very much for the great trip. It was very well organized and I felt very welcome as your guest. When I saw your company in 2002 for the first time I wanted to go on a dog sledge trip only with your company. The reason was because yours is a small family owned company the really loves what it does. Now 10 years later and having finally completed this trip. I can honestly say that I chose wisely for your company. The love and attention to details and the character of your dogs. The dogs were amazing and a peek in the lifestyle up here was very nice.
Martijn – The Netherlands

Family tour, 28 March – 4 April 2012

What a truly amazing adventure we have experienced these last six days. It was unlike anything I have ever done before. Cutting through ice to fetch water, running through snow in -22 C! And eating delicious food as moose and reindeer. You know exactly how to handle the dogs and make sure that we arrived safely back home. Although we were sad to see the end of our wonderful journey.
The Silent Way was a brilliant adventure and unforgettable experience.
Hans, Gert and Viljoen – South Africa

Across the Arctic Circle and two Nationalparks 10 – 21 April 2012

Dear Kenneth and Catrine, Chili, Sol, Rosie, Elvis, Saga, Salt, Loke, Gandalf and Frodo
Wow! What a team you all make! Kenneth your professionalism, passion, enthusiasm and energy was made my dogsledding adventure overwhelmingly successful. Your efforts are much appreciated. Of course you couldn’t operate such a successful tour without the superb organization skills from Catrine. Thank you Catrine for all your behind the scenes work you do with a special thanks to our 5 star meals prepared for us. Ludo, thanks for being a great companion on my adventure. We were blessed with 12 perfect days of weather, thank you God.
Sincere appreciation to all of you for your enormous effort to make my dogsledding adventure such a memorable event.
You will not be forgotten!
Steve – Perth, Australia

From 2010 - 2011

Crystal days and Northern Light II, 9 – 14 December 2010

Ok, what to say? Wow, that was awesome! Everything was fun besides the falling down part, but I didn’t give up and almost got it in the end.
Thank you and thanks to all the dogs! Ohh and best blueberry pie ever!

Jo from Australia

Everything was perfect!
The team, the dogs, the weather, the team, the adventure, the nature, the cold, the light … everything! I wanted action; sports, real dogsledding and I got it all. “The true way”!
Thanks Kenneth, I’ve been very lucky to meet you and your own way of living with dogs. It couldn’t have been better. But, yes.. Longer.
I’ll probably come back for a long tour with you in your beautiful region. I want more!
And thanks to Catrine for the beautiful Swedish food.
See you soon!

Valery from Belgium

Crystal days and Northern Light III, Special tour 16 – 21 December 2010

So fantastic to have this great adventure out with The Silent Way. This is the third time I been here and this time I have been mushing a big team of 10 dogs!
What a feeling!

Jose from Austria

Happy New Year Adventure, 28 Dec 2010 – 4 Jan. 2011

We booked this trip for our honeymoon and looking back, there couldn’t be something more romantic than being outside on mountains covered in snow. In total silence we had Sweden laying at our feet. Only the breath of the dogs and the sledge carving through the snow could be heard.
Above our heads the sunrise (which was immediately the sunset) painted the sky either red, pink and even green. All of this I could enjoy together with a 5-day – 6 hours a day view on my husband’s bottom! Not bad at all!
Back in the cottage there was a 5-star dinner each night, what else to wish for?!
Catrine & Kenneth, thank you for the most amazing adventure, for the hospitality, your patience and above all for sharing your passion for Sweden, its nature and the dogs. It was a dream come true.
Catrine, thank your father for the scooter lesson,” learning by doing”! It was great!
A special thanks to Kenneth for pushing my boundaries and giving me the spirit to keep trying and finally succeeding!!!
Greetings! A big hug to you and the dogs!

Alize from Holland and Alessio from Italia

Dear Catrine and Kenneth
When I found out that I was going to be living in Sweden (on University exchange), I knew that dogsledding regardless of the length of my stay, was a Must-do.
I was not sure what to expect, but your hospitality, challenging drives and the amazing night skies have set the standards for any outdoor tour.
Tack för att ni gett mig en möjlighet, ett äventyr och en upplevelse!
Hope fully I will get to write in the guestbook once again!

Jon from Australia (right now in Lund, Sweden)

Dear Kenneth and Catrine

Dogsledding has been a dream of mine for a long time and when I saw your website, I knew I was coming here on my next holiday.
The time we spent in the mountains with the dogs was fantastic and lived up to all my dreams. I especially liked the downhill parts in the darkness – it’s like a rollercoaster!
The views throughout our trip were spectacular, and the sky amazing when the sun came out. Thank you very much for the delicious food. I have never eaten so well on a holiday. The dogs were great companions – very well behaved and could run forever.
Thanks again for the unforgettable experience, hopefully I can make it back here sometime soon.
Andreanna from Australia

Dear Kenneth and Catrine

“The Silent Way” is the most magical way to travel across frozen lakes, compacted snow trail, icy tracks, frozen mountain tops, powder snow and amazing white tipped trees that continue further than the eye can see.
Each day the sun just broke over the horizon and the sky filled with amazing colors of pink and orange, which was reflected onto the snow and lakes, highlighting the colors further. This was a beautiful sight while on dogsled. To experience nature is to do it as silently as possible and to be as close to the nature as possible (not sure if that includes crashing sleds and hugging the tree! Mouth full of snow), but the closer the better!
Each dog lands softly onto the snow with each making different sounds as we go. The sound of the dogs pads on the snow with the odd sock, the sway of the main lead and collar leads, and the smooth scrape of the sled across the snow make a combination to be remembered.
The excitement of the dogs is also a sound that will be with me forever. Their howling and barking before we leave is soon silenced into long tongues out and pads fast paced on snow as I hold on also foot on brake & film the starts.
The trails we went on were amazing, difficult in parts and the best downhill parts as I enjoyed them at speed.
Thank you so much Catrine for your amazing meals each night which we were always looked forward to. Also thank you for helping with the starts, driving us to and from the cabin and your very friendly smile.
Thank you Catrines father who attempted to take us ice fishing but the motor froze, instead we saw mountains by snowmobile which was also amazing fun.
Kenneth you are the most amazing leader of both the guests and the dogs. Your passion for this is seen through everything you do and is reflected in the well behaved dogs. Thank you so much for sharing the love of dogsledding you have with me and my fellow guests. The scenery we saw was amazing and the special place on the mountain top on the last day was fantastic.
Thank you to Idun, My, Kanel, Melon, Tiger and Strider who pulled me all those days.
This adventure was amazing, beautiful and I will have some very good memories that will be with me forever.
The only way to travel this land is with a team of dogs and an amazing leader, really is “The Silent Way”.

Caitlin from Australia

Crystal lodge to lodge, 10 – 16 January 2011.

Catrine & Kenneth, what a team!
Catrine for her kindness and tremendous hospitality, plus her amazing cooking. Kenneth for his leadership, knowledge and his uncanny sense of direction, he showed us the raw beauty of Lapland, Sweden.
Thank you to Catrines father for getting the lodge nice and warm.
And last but not least the wonderful dogs, which without them this trip would not have been possible, a truly exciting and splendid experience.

Pauline and Daire from The Netherlands

Catte & Kenneth
Tack för en fantastisk tur over våra sagolika fjäll, iskalla sjöar och genom våra massiva skogar. Det är härligt att konstant förvånas över den mäktiga natur vi har precis bakom hörnet. Ni sköter allt otroligt snyggt och till och med som släkt känner man sig som en priviligerad, bortskämd gäst från ett främmande, fjärran land.
Tack, tack, tack och lycka till med allt. Vi ses snart igen.

Nanny-Maja & Toolie-Mina, Lapland, Sweden

Catte & Kenneth!
Det här har varit en av de mäktigaste upplevelser jag har varit med om. Jag har skrattat, gråtit, slitit, svettats och haft det alldeles, alldeles underbart. Utsikten, hundarna, tystnaden, friheten, naturen, allt har varit så sjukt fint. Åhh, maten.. mina smaklökar kommer att få det tufft med att återvända till stan. Jag vet inte hur jag ska tacka er för den här möjligheten och den här erfarenheten men jag hoppas att ni vet att jag är glad och tacksam med hela mitt väsen.
Vi ses snart igen. All kärlek!

Elvira från Umeå, Sweden.

Arctic Colors and Light, 19 – 25 January 2011.

Dear Catrine and Kenneth
We’ve thought long about it and had a couple of shots to get our own creativity starting, but we have come up with a top 5 of 2011 puppy names: Jäeger, Huey, Whale, Booz, Fart.
Thank you Kenneth for navigating us on the stars through 36 m p/sec blizzard on a lake. We are seriously impressed with your hospitality and professional organization. We will miss the dogs, piss trees and amazing views. We will come back for the Northern Light and for the -40 C. Thank you so much!

Gaspar, Ewout, Anthony, Floris and Pieter from The Netherlands
Tack så mycket Catte & Kenneth
För en underbar upplevelse och en otrolig möjlighet. Det har varit en spännande vecka med otroliga starter, lite läskigt i snöstormen…
Tack Catte för din ovärderliga hjälpsamhet och djävulskt goda matlagning! Kenneth för din förståelse och hjälpsamhet när jag skulle ta bilder. Din oändliga kunskap om fjället samt din extrema respekt och kärlek till det du håller på med.
Ännu ett stort tack till de hundar som drog omkring på mig i vildmarken, Protes, Vidar, Bilbo, Rohan, Smart också klart My.
Helt otroligt hur alla hundarna är så snälla, ni har verkligen lyckats bra. Stor respekt till er och tack, tack så mycket!

Andreas från Malmö, Sverige

Stars and Northern Light I, 27 Jan – 2 Feb 2011

Dear Kenneth & Catrine
We said we would love to come back and … we did!
And it was well worth it. We finally got to see some scenery (all the mountains Kenneth was talking about last time) & the (yellow?) Northern Lights!
All the rest is as good as we remembered it.
Rob now know all about how to a snowmobile out of the snow and I learnt how to measure the perfect scoop of dog food (down to the last nugget).
Will we be back? We hope so, but until then we will miss you all!

Ioana from Romania, England, Belgium …
Ps/ See you sometime in Holland maybe? Remember there’s always room in our big yards in Holland for an old Kanel, Chili, Shrek etc, etc.

Another GREAT tour! And all the Ioana sad.

Rob from England

Dear Kenneth & Catrine
Thank you so much for this wonderful adventure! We have never done anything like that before!
We were able to see the amazing winter wonderland of Sweden and even the (definitely!!) green Northern Light. We will always remember the storm.
We will also always remember the (price-winning) delicious food that Catrine made for us!
Thank you again for this adventure!

Alexandra & Ulrich from Wien

Dear Kenneth & Catrine
Thanks very much for a fantastic tour. I really enjoyed it despite falling several times in the water on the lake! The descents through the trees were exhilarating roller coaster rides, the scenery was beautiful and the food was yummy! And of course thanks to the gorgeous dogs in my team: Gandalf, Strider, Loke, Freja and Peppar for pulling me 240 km and for being so well behaved! I will miss them, maybe I should come back!
Thanks for a great trip! Love

Claire from England

It was an awesome, awesome, awesome adventure! An adventure full of experiences that will last a lifetime!
The homemade food was very tasty and dogs are great. I will miss them dearly.
I have truly enjoyed the 5-day adventure!
Thank you for being so helpful throughout the trip and for an amazing adventure!

Christina from England

Stars and Northern Light II, 3 - 10 February 2011

Dear Kenneth & Catrine
I come to Lapland looking for an unforgettable experience and in The Silent Way I found one! Everything exceeded any expectations. From the breathtaking landscape, the amazing food, Kenneth’s guidance and the amazing connection that I established with my dogs.
This was one week of paradise that I will tell everyone about and whose pictures are not enough to relive the experience. And for that reason I am absolutely certain I will return to The Silent Way very soon.

Miquel from Portugal

Very many thanks for allowing me to take off on of those “things to do before you die”. But now you have left me a problem – I have to cross out another one, in order to come back!

Brendon from England

Everything begins in Silence…
From Australia, the UK, Portugal, Moldova and the United States we came each with our own reasons for being here. We were silent at first but it was our own eagerness to embark upon the adventure of a lifetime that bound is together.
The same could be said of the dogs, there was silence when we met the first time. A sniff here, a look there, or a muzzle pressing out from the fence of the kennel.
However it didn’t take long for the bond between dogs and human to form. Booties put on feet and harness placed upon their backs and …
Soon the silence was uploading with an explosion of excited barking. Energy filled the air sending tingles down our spines.
Kenneth takes off in the lead and we all follow one after the other. The Energy and barking rapidly subsides to be replaced by another form of Silence. A silence of dogs panting. The pattering of paws crunching the snow, The runners on our sleds smoothly sliding along. An occasional rattle from the chain connecting the lead line to the sled.
This is essentially the silent way but also so much more including fantastic food, stunning views, frozen snot and blizzards too…
And so our thoughts and hearts will think upon these last five days. The silence, friendship and energy will send us all our way back to our friends and family with stories to tell.
And one more important thing: both of you are such amazing friendly people. We felt like home. And thanks for the yummy food! I’ll miss Sky´s eyes! Thank you!

Rodica from Moldova and Brian from America

Dear Kenneth & Catte
Thank you SO much for sharing a little bit of your paradise with us for these 5 brilliant days of dogsledding in Lapland. Each day blew us away and we loved every minute. We cant say enough times what an awesome tour this was and how much our hearts have been warmed up by meet you and spend time with your lovely, beautiful pack of dogs.
Breathtaking scenery, the most delicious food, friendly enthusiastic dogs, it cant get much better than this! One last thing – we were wondering if it might be possible to apply to become members of the dog pack. We know that we have to be very, very good and train hard to make up for being human but were super keen! Claire already asked Saga and Katie checked with Alou and Isa and they´d be happy to have us in their teams as wheel dogs. We´d be very happy if you will consider our application and we will hear from you!
Thank you so much again!

Claire & Katie, sisters from Australia

Sunshine Awakening I, 14 – 20 February 2011

Five days outside in the cold with a team of affectionate dogs and a most professional musher.
This journey has been such an intense experience of the beautiful landscape with incredible views. Catrine cooked for most delicious food and the tour, which’s was prepared by Kenneth in a real chef-manner.
I have learned that Catrine and Kenneth really love their dogs and treat them with authority and affection. One would expect these “working dogs” to care less about humans but I felt that they were really happy to have us around.
I was much appreciating Catrines and Kenneth’s hospitality and many thanks to Andreas, too. He was a great help. This was my first time on a dogsledding tour, but it will not be my last. And next time, I will come back here!
Many thanks!

Biggi from Germany

Last year we did our first dogsledding tour and we knew that we have to do it again – and so we are here again!
Our tour this year was again a great and incredible experience with the best musher on earth and a good helping hand on his side – Andreas. Thank you for another unforgettable tour with such lovely dogs, such great meals. It was a wonderful time and it is not so easy to say good bye. But we are sure – we will back again!
Thank you

Kerstin & Jörg from Germany

Thank you so much for your hospitality on this tour. It has been fantastic. Mushing through a scenery snowing landscape while it snows, with my trusty team of dogs pulling me along has to be one of the greatest experiences. But everything about the tour has been great – the food, the scenery, our incredibly helpful and laid-back hosts and of course the dogs. It is going to be very hard to say good bye so I hope to be back.
Thanks again for everything.

Clare from Scotland

Dear Catrine and Kenneth
Thanks very much for the great trip!
Everything was well prepared and even through the memory horizontal snow I kept warm. The dogs seem to really like to be out there all day. I enjoyed my sledging even more when I knew they were well cared for and have a good life.
The landscape was truly beautiful and I understand why you like to make a life here in Lapland.
All the best!

Julie from England

I wouldn’t have missed this trip for the world! Starting off I admit I did feel a little hesitant but Kenneth and Andreas looked after us so well and Catrines cooking very well! The personal touch and the hospitality really make this trip.
The dogs are so beautiful and well lived. Thank you Tanja, Gandalf, Loke, Sinbad and Sky for your tolerance and beauty. I would definitely recommend this trip. Thanks again guys and I wish you well for the future. You are so lucky to live here.

Lynne from New Zeeland

Sunshine Awakening II, 22 – 28 February 2011

Dear Catrine & Kenneth & Andreas
A great trip which bet all our expectations and more. Very well organizes from the initial training to Catrines fantastic culinary delights, Kenneth’s way with the dogs and Andreas help. Thank you! A place to come back again.

Christophe and Romain, from Russia and England

How can you start to describe
the wonders we’ve had before our eyes.
But the Silent Way is lots, lots more…
A wonderful experience, not just a tour!

Kenneth – top dog of his pack
His caring his discipline, his “nack”
Of handling his dogs with such care
(and only unnecessary barking…if you dare!)

He son had us novices all in tow
With what to do of where to go
After a few hills and downs
We all had the hang-not acting like clowns!

At each stop we all did our chores
The dogs were tended before we went indoors
This shows the caring, love, concern
The dogs rightly first – we did learn.

Their individual characters, all unique.
Some strong willed, others quite week
If you brake too hard, they´d give you the “eye”
“Hey lets go”… they almost say.

The food for the dogs looked… well…juk!
But full of goodness to keep their fitness up
Day after day they kept up the trot
Butting up with skills and us inexperienced lot

The food for us was … well yum, yum, yum
Catrine –her cooking is number 1
No restaurant in town could ever get near
Cooking and delicious as moose and reindeer!

And thank you Andreas for your assistance and good cheer.

Moving our gear from there to here
With your good humor all day it’s easy to tell
You enjoy your job and the trip as well.

The Mountains, so beautiful, so scene
The snow, the forests, the wonderful scenes
We are all privileged to experienced it all
The Silent Way is food for the soul.

Thank you Kenneth, Catrine and Andreas
Thank you Phil, Christoph, Romain and Jose
Thank you dogs for the wonderful adventure
The pit, pat of paws we will always remember.

Sandra and Doug from Australia

I am sitting in front of a warm log fire on my return from a trip through the mountains with Kenneth and the dogs. You have to go back to 2001 to find my first entry in the guest book and there have been many more since then. People ask me why I come to the same place so many times. The answer is simple; it is Kenneth and the dogs, and Ohh of course Catrine. Where else could you be welcomed into a family and feel part of a small community in Sweden. The countryside in all its moods never fails to amaze me and to travel through it with all friends makes it all the more special. In my trips here I have seen almost the whole dog yard change. Many old travelling companions are no longer with us but new ones have taken their place. My old friend Pumba has gone but his son Berry is there to remind me of his father, and what would be a trip without having Jet pulling so steadily before me. That’s what makes these dogs so special; you get the chance to glimpse the character of each dog. The dogs see so many people throughout the season but it seems that they treat all of us as if we are special and the only ones who will drive them the whole year. Being here is so different, then where I live, Kenneth and Catrine take me out of my normal comfort zone and show me a world so different to mine and I thank them heartedly for doing so.
Yet again I wish both Kenneth and Catrine all the success that they deserve in making The Silent Way one of the best dogsledding experiences in Sweden, and of course the best family run business from such a small dot in the Swedish country side.
Best wishes!
Phil from England
Ps/ who ever reads this may know that Ullis, Kanel, Jet, Berry, Thor and Frodo will pull you uphill and down dale, across lakes and through forest with no problems. All I can say is talk to them gently tickle them often and you can make a friend for life.
PPs/ Dreams are made of many things but here dreams really can be made to come true. Open yourself to the countryside, the dogs and little hard work and your dreams will be re-paid in full – believe me I know it to be true!!!

Northern Silence I, 2 – 8 March 2011

Dear Kenneth, Catrine, Greta and Andreas
Thank you so much for an incredible trip.
Day 1 – being shot out of the dog yard and blown across the lake – but we made it! Not bad for beginners.
Day 2 – Cozy in the lodge. Storm outside. Then the long day, deep snow for the snowmobile, all the guys working hard digging, but we came to the nice lodge before the dark.
Day 3 – Beautiful weather – all went well to Ammarnäs. Spectacular flying falls onto the roads. Very nice beer in the guesthouse…
Day 4 – Back to the lodge for lunch. Icefishing and visit in the church.
Day 5 – Sideways wind on the mountain, could we make it? Yes! A good ride home.
And we saw a lemming and Northern Lights! Wonderful dogs, wonderful food, good company and we hope to be back!

Vanny and Annabel from England

Dear Kenneth and Catrine
What to say more after reading all these enthusiastic comments from your former guests? I can just wish you that you both, as a wonderful couple, may continue your incomparable job for many many years so that more people may have this pleasant adventure.

Willy and Eddy from Belgium

Northern Silence II, tailor made family tour. 10 – 13 March 2011

Dear Kenneth and Catrine
Thank you very much for allowing our kids a taste of the great white north!

Johan from Belgium

Thank you Kenneth + Catrine for a great adventure!

Jackson, 11 years old from Belgium

Dear Kenneth and Catrine
Thank you so much for allowing us to have this amazing trip and letting us into your home. I will never forget this!
Much love!

Julia from Belgium

Sound of Silence, tailor made 12 days trip. 14 – 25 March 2011

Dear Catrine, Dear Kenneth, Dear Dominique!

Thank you for an amazing dog sledding tour around Vindelfjällen. We enjoyed some sunny, windy, stormy days with a lot of powder snow.
The tour us from – Umnäs – Överstjuktan – Aigert – Bäverholmen – Guijaure – Laisstugan – Dalovardo – Tärna lake – Överstjuktan and back to Umnäs!
Thank you for another wonderful tour and delicious dinners!

Martin, Felix, Markus, Franz, Ueli and Rene from Switzerland

Across The Arctic Circle and two Nationalparks I, 28 Mar – 8 April 2011

Ett STORT och VARMT TACK, Cathrine och Kenneth från oss alla i Örnsköldsvik!

Vi var alla så glada och förväntansfulla inför vår förestående hundspannsresa 2011-03-28 – 2011-04-08 med ert fantastiska företag The Silent Way.
Tänk att vi så när som på en familjemedlem fick samman våra barn och sambor, på en helt underbar hundspannsresa genom svenska fjällvärden. Vi saknade Micaela som väntade barn och fick stanna hemma. Hon fick följa vår tripp via telefon och MMS när det fungerade. Tillsammans med dig Kenneth och Catrines insatser och era fantastiska hundar har vi fått oförglömliga minnen med oss i livet. TACK FÖR DET!. Hundarena som tog oss från Umnäs över fjällen till nationalparkerna Padjelanta och Sarek. Vi matade, smorde tassar, pysslade om ”våra” hundar och fäste oss rejält vid dom, så det var svårt att skiljas. Vid slutstationen i Kvickjokk hade vi avverkat 50 mil, trots det kändes det som vi skulle vilja fortsätta. Men nya gäster väntade på att börja sin hundspannstur. Vår tur var till ända.
Vi kunde inte ha fått bättre väder. Mest sol och vackert väder men också snö och bitande kalla vindar med iskristaller som kändes som nålar i kinderna. Maten var helt suverän, genuin och vällagad av Catrine och Kenneth.

Tänk att Åkes och min dröm gick i uppfyllelse, en dröm som började gro efter att vi våren 2010 var på en hundspannstur med The Silent Way tillsammans med gäster från Canada och Europa. Vi ville dela detta med våra nära och kära och så blev det. Det är vi mycket glada för.

Minnena av de vackra vyerna, de goa sociala och duktiga hundarna, Kenneths och Catrines professionella sätt, vår gemenskap och mycket mer kommer att värma våra hjärtan länge, länge.

Det blev en liten flicka, Ida som föddes den 18 maj.

Varmaste hälsningar Gudrun och Åke Lidfalk
Liselotte Lidfalk och Ulf Strinnholm, Olle Burland, Hans Burland

Across The Arctic Circle and two Nationalparks II, 9 – 21 April 2011

Tusen takk Catrine for helping me out of the water!!!
Tusen takk Kenneth for leading us through the mountain in the snowstorm!!
The tour was no Sunday afternoon tour in the sunset and I LOVED it!!
Needs not to mention all the grandiose meals every day, all the others did!
Tusen takk AnnaKarin for all good support all the days!!

Gerlinde from Norway

I would never have seen so much of the Swedish mountains if it hadn’t been in your company. Thank you for letting me see that and have these wonderful and so gorgeous and giving dogs like they were mine for these 12 days.

Bruno from France

Tack för en fantastisk upplevelse genom fjällens ödsliga vidder. Att få färdas här på detta sätt är för mig en oförglömlig upplevelse! Jag är stolt att ha gjort något som väldigt få andra har gjort. Tack för gott och rutinerat ledarskap och utomordentlig god mat. Till sist tack till alla fantastiska hundar för er villiga insats!
Jag kan starkt rekommendera er för äventyrssugna deltagare.

Michael from Sweden

My third time over here and again a wonderful trip in The Swedish mountains in good company. The tour was a little different from the last two.
Spring was early this year making it a little tougher (some steep up and downhill’s even wading through knee-deep icy slush).But in the end it was very rewarding.
Many thanks to Catte, Kenneth and AnnaKarin for taking good care of us and to the other guests (Gerlinde, Michael, Bruno and Sam) for the good company.
And special thanks to my power team: Gert, Smart, Neo, Tor, Pippin, Melon and last but not least SNÖ.
Looking forward to next season for another great tour in the wonderful Swedish mountains.

Ludo from Belgien

From season 2009-2010:

Crystal days and Northern Light I, 9-14 Dec. 2009

It is not easy to put into words such strong memories and experiences over the past days. Specially coming back from having a wonderful last dinner with Kenneth, Catrine and Sofie. Today it was Lucia (a traditional Swedish festivity) and the delicious food was fitting not only the end of a wonderful 4 days but also the celebration.
Having dreamt for many years about dogsledding, having seen all the films one can see, read all the books, I can only say that the reality was better than the dream.
Even if conditions were not perfect, Kenneth managed to find interesting routes, bring us to dream landscapes and give us a full feeling of what it is to be underway with dogs.
His knowledge of the region and his skills are hard to find. The food, extremely tasty and healthy and with enough power to tackle the uphill’s and downhill’s of Lapland.
If you are reading this before your first trip and you worry. Do not! You are in great hands. You might fall, or you certainly will. But you will get up and each time will be easier. Having seen other sled dogs which sometimes are like crocodiles, I was surprised by these dogs. They always want to pull, they never fight, you can put your hand in their food, take it away and guess what, and they are as nice as ever. And once the hard work is over they enjoy the pat and the scratch like your regular sofa dog. I cannot imagine how it is to deal with so many dogs, but one thing is for sure, fairness, consequence and discipline are needed and Kenneth keeps a perfect balance.
In summary, the dogs give themselves fully and so do Kenneth and Catrine and also Sophie. They open their heart and home and share it with you surrounded by their wonderful nature. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you! I wish you well and a lot of success in all you do. You deserve it! And hopefully see you again.

Jose Valverde – Austria

Jag har gått runt med ett pirr I magen ända sedan I somras då jag fick överta min brors vinst, denna resa. Hade ingen aning vad jag egentligen gav mig in på. Mannen fick jag lämna efter mig pga. hälsoskäl.
Har fått uppleva underbara dagar i Vindelfjällen dessa snöklädda vidder, fantastiskt utsikt, släden glider tyst. Jag har trillat hit och dit men alltid tagit mig upp. Vilka fantastiska hundar ni har, alltid villiga att arbeta. Särskilt tack till ”mitt” spann. Ledarhunden Peppar, trygg och pålitlig, och de andra Pirat, Elvis, Itzak och Jet. Tack Catte för den goda, sunda maten & Kenneth, bättre turledare kan man inte ha!
Tack för er gästfrihet!
Kommer aldrig att glömma detta äventyr. Känner mig stärkt i själ och hjärta.
Tack och Lycka till i fortsättningen!

Anneli Brodin, Stenungsund, Sverige

Crystal days and Northern Light II, 16 – 21 December 2009.

Dear Catrine, Kenneth and Eric
Thank you for providing us with an amazing, unforgettable adventure! We will talk about it for years to come. Your surroundings are really so beautiful. We hope your environment stays like this for all the time. The dogs are really great – hard workers, haapy and sweet. I thought my team of four – Sinbad, Salt, Neo & Itzak, were the best of course (Philippa). I know that I will never again think that dogsledding is a “´gentle” sport, it is vigorous and difficult – a real challenge. I am now an okay dog-sledder. I learnt so quickly from day 1 to day 4. Don learnt quickly also and had fun trying out what the sled could do!
Thank you again for the best but hardest adventure.

Love! Philippa and Don – Perth, Australia

To Boris + the rest of the magnificent 7
Brave boys + 1 lady! You did it! I am sure when you laid eyes on my large American frame, you were worried about going up into the mountains for four days. But he magnificent 7 – Momo, Chili, Balder, Tor, Boris, Snö and Shrek, did not bat an eye + charged forward as hard as they could every morning. For that, the scenery, the beauty + the memories, I thank you!
Also, a thanks to Catrine, Kenneth and Erik – a good sense of humor and the companionship of adventure has made this one of the finest experiences that I am lucky to call my own. Again, thank you to everyone and I hope to return soon for another adventure.
– 40 C. (That’s what I’m talking about!!!)

A 7-dog man Justin G. Corbitt. USA.

The Silent Way is a fantastic time. An exciting adventure I will always remember!

Ryan, USA

40 below zero. Pitch black darkness; snow in your eyes as you careen recklessly down the mountain through the woods. I can’t imagine how this could be fun, fortunately I no longer have to imagine. Thank you Kenneth, Catrine and Erik for a great time and an unforgettable experience I´ll likely never are able to replicate.

Jason, USA

Kenneth, Catrine and Erik
Thank you so much for the great hospitality and the awesome adventure dogsledding in the mountains of Sweden. My friends in America thought I was insane for going to a place that was -40C. but I had a great time and learned a lot! I´ll always remember riding my dogsled through the mountains, a pitch-black darkness, with only a headlamp as my guide. It was truly the greatest thing I have ever done, and I will always remember it, Take care of Sessan, Greta, Tiger, Loke, Henke and Jet and the rest of the dogs, I will look all of you up on Facebook.

Take Care. Jared, USA

Kenneth and Catrine
Thank you for your hospitality and guidance, for made this the best holiday I´ve ever experienced. From the home-cooked and traditional Swedish meals to the frightening, but exhilarating downhill ride in the darkness, this has been the best time of my life. Also your sense of humor and kindness brought real warmth to the trip, despite the -40 weather on the mountain. I only wish I could have this much fun all the time, but then you wouldn’t be the special people you are. I hope to see you again in the future.

Jacob Crawford, USA

Happy New Year Adventure, 28 Dec – 4 Jan 2010

Tack! Thank you so much! Muchas Gracias! Obrigada! No matter in how many different languages I say it. How many times I say it, I cannot express how thankful I am for your wonderful hospitality and all of your hard work in making the trip unforgettable. We have been talking about doing this type of the trip for the last three years and we finally did it!
Everything about it was absolutely amazing and exceeded my expectations. I’m really sad that the dogsledding adventure is soon coming to an end, tomorrow.
I will miss the great company, Kenneth, Catrine, Erik, my dogs Salt, Kanel, Cayenne, Idun and Snö, and all the other dogs, the delicious food, the homemade bread, the porridge with blueberry soup, and the fun filled daytrips with the breathtaking scenery. Lastly, thank you so much for taking such good care of us, making sure we go home with all our limbs, fingers and toes still attached. I´ll definitely try to come back! Don’t forget us! I certainly will remember you!

Sincerely, Cecilia Cheng, New York/London

Dear Kenneth, Catrine and Erik
I found The Silent Way online almost four years ago. And ever since that day it was my dream to go dogsledding. Even now I almost can’t believe that this trip has become a reality and even more it surpassed all that I thought it would be. Your passion for the dogs, the wonderful hosts you’ve been and your patience with us has been incredible. The Three of you have really made this an incredible journey that I will take with me for the rest of my life. I’m so glad we found you guys. Or maybe, you somehow found us.
The dogs are amazing. You can tell how much you all love and care for them by how well behaved they are. How happy and social they are with us and by the way they interact with you. They work so hard for us, I wish they know how grateful we are to be able to ride with each of our teams. The cabin was so much fun and seeing the sun sets as the moon rose over the lake was unforgettable. Kenneth led us through so many unforgettable trails, the mountains, 20 km lake!, the solid white mountains. By my third day I was much better at breaking downhill. Thank you for the everlasting memories and I hope I will be back again.

Best, Jolene Chen, New York

Thank you for sharing your lives, your home and your extended family (all 60 of them) with us! We´ll remember this rest of our lives…

Mike and Kimmie Pool

Dear Kenneth, Catrine and Erik
These days have been the greatest experience, full of adventure and fun. I could have not asked for more... Starting off this trip, I was very nervous about this; will I be able to stay on the sled? Will I be able to take good care of dogs etc? Kenneth and Erik was really patient with is, thought us step by step. We saw the best views out ion tour and this was all because of your hard work and preparations you guys did for us every night. Tack!
Going through the forest, going over lakes, going up and down mountains full of snow… it was like as if I was in a massive magical snow globe, it is so beautiful!
Some of the thrilling points of the trip was going downhill in the forest under the moonlight, It was hard to see, but the dogs were so good, I has to have completely trust in them. Catrine, thank you for all the delicious meals and desserts. All three of you made this trip possible, I enjoyed every moment. I will cherish these memories forever. Thank you so much!

Regards, Yuki.

Crystal lodge to lodge, 7-13 January 2010

“Sex, sailing and dogsledding” I sad to Kenneth after the first hour of dogsledding in my life. Now at the end of this fabulous trip I want to thank you and all our team for this extreme experience. Dreaming about the Yukon Quest.
Ps: Now I know why this place is called The Silent Way.

Manuel from Italy

This is my third visit to Umnäs and The Silent Way. It has also been one of the coldest but the best tours so far and has provided stunning sun rises which were just amazing. It was good to see the dogs again and watch how hard they work in front of the sled. Kenneth and Catte have worked so hard to give their customers dogs which have good temperament and are easy to handle for both novice and more experienced mushers. It is always good to bring friends along to experience the mountain tours and hope they leave with good memories. See you again next year!

Roger Bines, UK

Dear Kenneth, Catte, Erik and Elin
This was my first time dog sledging. When Roger told me about it a few years ago it sounded like fun… so I thought I would give it a go, however, I was totally unprepared for the fantastic experience that I have had this week. When I get back to UK I am going to find it hard to find the words to express for my family and friends how good The Silent Way is!
Kenneth was a great host out on the trail and he guided us safely through some of the most breathtaking scenery that I have ever seen. The dogs were a pleasure to be with, I was lucky enough to have Protes in my team.
The most impressive thing to me was watching a man have total control and command over 36 dogs out on the trail.
Thank you all for a great week.
Ps. I will be back!

Tom Charnock, UK

Thank you so much for the best week of my life. I have never been to such beautiful place or laughed so much. For that I have to thank Manuel and Kenneth!
Thank you Catrine for the most fabulous food. The best meat I have ever eaten. I really hope to come back. I don’t imagine Narnia to be as good as here. What amazing dogs you have too. They are all characters.

Naomi, London

Stars and Northern Light I, 25-31 January 2010

Dear Kenneth and Catrine
Thank you very much for giving this opportunity to be so united in this magnificent nature. Our 5 days were more an adventure than anything else. First day went fast. I was having 7 dogs and still struggling with their speed, fell three times. Second day would become a very long one. Kenneth selected a new track, which brought us in a wonderful environment. For me third day was though, lot of icing, difficult to keep my glasses clear. Next day was very cold and beautiful and without glasses I was only able to see the first two dogs. But we managed and Kenneth took great care of everybody’s health. Last day looked like holiday, beautiful sunny weather. Through the tour the dogs were great and I’m feeling sad to return home.

Ico, Amsterdam

Dear Catrine and Kenneth
We would like to thank you for this unique experience and the sound of silence in the middle of Narnia. We really enjoyed the journey into the white. We came to see the real winter and that’s what we got! -5, -20, -25, -30, -28 C) We wish you many happy guests to come and hopefully we will be one of them again!

Kristyna and Martin, Prague

Sunshine Awakening I, 11-17 February 2010

Thank you for understanding that I was unable to go through the 5 days mushing. I knew it before coming but I wanted so much to give it a try.
Thank you for both of you to arrange my coming back after 90 km.
Thank you for your kindness and hospitality which made me feels at home. Thank you Stig and Inga-Lisa who welcomed me at their home and made me meet several community members.
This life is so different from mine, so close to nature.
It is The Silent Way.

Loulou, Beirut

Dear Catrine
Thank you so much for your kind hospitality, from meeting me at the bus stop (one nervous lady travelling on her own) to the warm welcome at your home! Your cook was fantastic + all the work you do in the background is amazing.
Dear Kenneth
Thank you for sharing your passion for nature + the wonderful dogsledding adventure. Clear direction, a sense of humor – a true leader.

Dear Tanja, Freja, Chili, Loke, Tiger, Tor and Jet. My fantastic team! Truly “mans” best friend –never complaining, always willing – thank you so much!

With Love from Diana, Surrey, England

Sunshine Awakening II, 19-25 February 2010

Once again here in the mountains I joined forces with some old friends and made new ones.
Sadly Momo was not well enough to go out on the tour but Jet, Boris and my special friend Pumba was there.
This year was my 10th trip with The Silent Way, with Kenneth. We have been through many adventures together but his time it was colder than ever before.
Temperatures of -33 C, on some days -48 C when you add the wind chill factor, made crossing the mountains and lakes a new experience. Some days we crossed plateaus in bright sunlight with clear blue skies – it seemed that we were travelling across the roof of the world. Other days my goggles were completely frozen inside making downhill’s very challenging.
I would not be in the mountains with any other guide (well really friend) than Kenneth and would certainly not want to be out with any other dogs them those I have come to know so well over the last few years.
I have watched The Silent Way grow into what must be the best mountain dogsledding experience in Sweden. That has been achieved only through the hard work and determination that Catrine and Kenneth put into looking after us out on the tours and at their home. This year for the first time Eric joined us on the snowmobile making the starts so easy and preparing the cabin for when we arrive so that all was warm and cozy. Between them Kenneth and Eric add so much to travelling through the mountains with dogs.
I wish Catrine and Kenneth all the success they deserve for the future and hope The Silent Way will introduce many more people to the joys of travelling with dog teams through the beautiful Swedish mountain.
Best wishes!
Phil Gretton, England
P.s. Good luck in the Finnmark. We will all be sending you good vibrations!

Dear Kenneth and Catrine
Thank you for the wonderful trip and wonderful experience.
Everything was perfect and the dogs were exceptional good.
We wish you success with the race.

Annamaria and Viktor, Hungary

Dear Catrine and Kenneth
The idea to go dogsledding was born for us a few years ago when my son and I were leaving to fly fish in Scotland. We made some inquires, but the minimum age was 16. So last year when my son turned 16 we looked in more detail on the internet and The Silent Way seemed most attractive. We are very glad that we choose this company. The past days have been an amazing experience. Never realized how cold -35C really could be and how hardy the dogs could stand all this. Every day was a very different experience. Every day we thought we might eat outside, but was clear it was simply too cold and Kenneth rightly pointed out “the guests are very important, but my dogs even more…”!
A very big thanks to Catrine for the lovely food, Erik for the great support and Kenneth for his kindness and leadership out in the mountains. I do hope your eye recovers very fast, and Good luck on the Finnmark Race. Also thanks to my dogs for the week Melon, Jet, My, Greta, Freja and Protes. All the best and hope to see you again!

Henk, The Netherlands

To Catrine and Kenneth
When I was 10 years old I saw the Iditarod on television and said to myself and to my dad, one day I will be on a sled with a number of dogs pulling me. My dad than said to me, let’s go on your 16th birthday and it will be you present.
And now 6 years later I’m in Sweden and The Silent Way. Yesterday we finished our tour of 5 days in the mountains. It was one of the best experiences I ever had. My team of:
Boris, the beautiful dog who pulls a bit to the left
Tiger, the wolf
Loke, one of the kindest dogs I have met.
Smart, the silent dog.
Isa, with blue eyes.
Cayenne, small but strong
Pulled me 250 km through the mountains and through -35C. I met lovely people and was guided by Kenneth, who has a great passion for the dogs.
It was just like imagined!

Bas, The Netherlands
Ps. I’m almost 17, so… see you soon.

Northern Silence I, 26 Feb – 6 March 2010

Dear Catrine, Kenneth and Erik
When we decided to make a dogsledding tour we thought the will be a nice experience. But now, being back after 5 days dogsledding through the incredible sceneries of these regional mountains with fantastic and friendly dogs, your lovely hospitality during the whole time. We only can say: Thank you so much, it was not only an experience, it was more than that, it was a dream!
We will miss you and the dogs and the “cooking-fairy” Catrine.
Thanks to you all, also to your father for catching us from Storuman and for your brother for staying in the guest-room.
We hope to come back soon, but up to that we will enjoy and remember all these nice and amazing days here in Umnäs and on The Silent Way!

Kerstin and Jörg, Steinheim, Germany.

Northern Silence Extra, 24-29 March 2010

Dear Catrine, Kenneth, Erik and all the dogs, especially Tiger, Boris, Vidar, Cayenne & Elvis. What an adventure! A dream comes true in every sense and there is no better way than The Silent Way, that’s for sure!
Thank you for all the good care and energy you spent to give us a fantastic holiday. I see why you get so many people coming back and I hope I will be one of them. Your personal touch and professionalism does the trick. I will make sure I make some good marketing for you in Holland.
Thanks again and see you again!
“get on your brakes, please”!

Marguerite Fraser, The Hague, Holland

Dear Catrine, Kenneth, Eric and our 39 dog friends.
Thank you for our glorious adventure and superb food! It was an experience unlike any other that been well documented in my 1000+ pictures. It was a pleasure getting to know my dogs and learning the art of dogsledding. I loved the wonderful meals of reindeer and moose. I even enjoyed the sideways Snow and poo duty; it was all part of a wonderful 4 days in a heavenly place with friendly welcoming hosts and dogs. Thank you for all you did for us! Special hugs to Tanja, Balder, Kanel, Isa … Greta and Pumba get an honorable mention. My lovely team!

Erin (lady long), Canada

This has always been a dream adventure and I waited 12 years until one person convinced me to do it and we found The Silent Way to be the best hosts, organizers and teachers! Thank you for this amazing trip, and I thank My, Neo, Prosit, Snö and Itzak for their patience and the power, at the same time the sweet and friendly being-together. I thank Kenneth for his guiding Eric for his enormous help and teaching and Catrine for the lovely food and taking care of equipment. I will miss all of you – and hopefully see you soon!

Ivo, Switzerland

Dear all!
Catrine stands for the perfect host, excellent cook (those moose balls!!) and an ever brilliant smile. Kenneth stands for the “Master of the dogs”, the expert musher and guide, who makes you feel secure and safe, in all weather conditions his guests will end up in. Eric stands for “if you don’t know, I’m always here to help”, always there, always busy, always active,
And of course
Ullis and Shrek, my ever patient lead dogs
Jet and Chili, dog power overtaking horse power…
Smart and Salt, who with their steering saved me many times from ending up in the deep, deep snow.
Such an experience! It’s hard to describe the professionalism of all of you.
Thanks a million times in this very Silent Way.
Love and kisses yours

Hilde, Belgium

Till varma, goa, kärvänliga Catrine, Kenneth och Erik
Tack för en fantastisk resa. Oron vi kände ersattes snabbt av enorm glädje, trygghet och lyckokänslor.
Upplevelsen av både natur och djur, det professionella handhavandet, utrustningen, den superba maten and de otroligt goa hundarna har varit helt suveränt!
Andra dagen när vi kommer upp på fjället är det solsken, vindstilla, hundarnas kamp att ta sig fram Ser vyerna och vidderna av snö och fjäll. Känner sin egen litenhet till de enorma vidderna, tystnaden. Detta gav enormt starka känslor hos oss båda. Väl uppe på fjället fick vi mätta magarna med en god lunch.
Resten blev bara bonus!
Våra medresenärer, Marguerite från Holland, Hilde från Belgien, Erin från Kanada och Ivo från Schweiz gjorde resan trevlig och rolig. Dom lämnade oss efter 4 dagar. Trevliga familjen Green från England var våra medresenärer resten av resan.
Skidturen med en draghund var en ny trevlig upplevelse tillsammans med Catrine ned från fjället som avslutning på resan.
Gemenskapen, omsorgen och den kärlek vi fick och gav till hundarna värmde!
Tack till er alla, fortsätt jobba som ni gör!
Speciellt tack till Åkes spann – Saga, Freja, Henke, Sinbad och Charlie.
Gudruns spann – Peppar, Loke, Sol, Tor och Melon.
Vi kommer att rekommendera er och The Silent Way!
Vi ses igen – nästa Sarek!!?? 50 mil!

Åke och Gudrun Lidfalk, Sweden

Family tour, 26 March – 3 April 2010

Thank you Kenneth and Catrine for a fantastic week. We were here 3 years ago and had a great time we wanted to return with our children. Last time -32C – this time, -15 - +2C, wind, snow and rain. No one was disappointed, we all gained lots in the wonderful Swedish mountains. The food was fantastic, even gluten free cake! The boys slept in a snow cave; they dug on the last evening.
Your hospitality and leadership has made this week a great break for us all. Now we look forward to a longer tour!
A kiss to my team Snö, Chili, Cayenne, Henke, My and Protes.

Karen Green, UK

Thanks you for another “cold” welcome and sharing more time in very special arctic mountains, If felt very good to be back with friends and although some of our old four legged friends are missing there are lots of new friendly faces – the dogs are still Superstars!. If only more people could be so friendly, loyal and willing to help! Your company, cooking and hospitality were again excellent. The whole family had a fantastic time – we need to come back!

Mike Green, UK

Kenneth + Catrine
What a brilliant experience! Despite some bad luck with the weather I had such a great time. The surroundings were stunning, the food very welcome and delicious and the dogs were just great! Thank you Elvis, Tiger, Boris, Cayenne, Freja and Vidar as I couldn’t have had such a good holiday without them!
Thanks again!

Joe Greene, UK

5 amazing nights… (Well maybe except the one spent in the snow hole… but I have learnt, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger) Thank you for a truly amazing experience e which I will remember for a very long time. Goodbye and thank you to you and all the dogs.

Ben Greene, UK

Across The Arctic Circle and Two Nationalparks, 10 – 21 April 2010

Kenneth + Catrine
Thank you so much for a magical 10 days in the mountains. Catrine, your cooking is amazing. You fuelled my passion for wild meat and even made my husband try things he won’t eat at home! Kenneth, your skill in the mountains is much admired. Cool, calm and collected in all situations and injecting some humors in the stickiest of situations. Without your optimism, I doubt Matt would have been on a sled 2 days after dislocation his shoulder on our arrival in Umnäs! Between us, I think we discovered almost all ways possible to wipe yourself out on a dogsled and, although not much was said at the time, your uncanny ability to recall each detail days later was amazing! You have given us some very fond memories. You have both worked so hard to create the amazing tours you offer and the time you put into creating outstanding, friendly, well mannered dog teams does not go unnoticed, Thank you both for memories that will never leave us. (And we hope we also shared some tips (go the PaPaw cream!))

Matt and Katrina, Cairns, Australia

When we left Umnäs 10 days ago, Berry was a young dog not really learned how to handle the lines and his work as a pulling dog. After 10 days hard pulling through beautiful landscapes, changing weather, fresh snow and crusty ice, berry is a dog that proved his value and knows who he is. Thank you for this tour, Swedish wild nature and mountains, Big thanks to Kenneth, Catrine, Tiger, Itzak, Vidar, Idun, Prosit and of course Berry.

Françoise, France

Hey, hey Kenneth and Catrine
This was the second wonderful tour you gave me. I’m not a man of many words, so I’ll just say what Kenneth says a lot – Amazing!!
I don’t have to write much more because I know I will be coming back for I don’t know how many times. See you guys and girls next year! Thank you!

Sam, Belgium

The second time around was even more beautiful than the first. Many thanks for the wonderful tour to Catrine and Kenneth and of course to my dream team; Smart, Snö, Pippin, Arwen, Tor and Balder.
And as Schwarzenegger would say “I’ll be back!”

Ludo, Belgium

From season 2008-2009:

Honeymoon Adventure 5-12 December 2008

Thank you for making our honeymoon an unforgettable experience. We have been blown away with your hospitality, kindness, delicious food and the beautiful surroundings!
We both loved the dogs very much and we had such a good time with the dogs on the mountain. We shall never forget the beautiful sight up there!
You do a wonderful job and you have a lovely place. May good look after you and your family and bless you with many happy years ahead.
We would love to come back here soon! We will come a little longer next time.

God bless and a wonderful Christmas and New Year to you all!!
Justin & Marli, South Africa

Crystal days and Northern Light I 8-13 December 2008

What an amazing experience! I’m so happy that I could come up for the day tours on this adventure. I never accepted the dogs would love it so much! They truly seem to have happy lives here. I couldn’t help but feel like we were walking 40 dogs every day. I hope every year turns out to be fully booked like this year. I learned a lot about hard work here, and taking responsibility.

Thank you for all of the – well – everything!
M. Trollan, New York City.

Happy New Year Adventure 28 Dec – 4 January 09

To dear Kenneth, Catrine and Erik
Thank you for such an amazing experience. This is the greatest adventure we have ever been on. Incredibly beautiful countryside, amazing challenges, magnificent home cooking and wonderful dogs. The conditions during our adventure ranged from ice following rains – so slippery and challenging, to gailforce winds that blew the dogs and us sideways across the lakes, heavy snowfall, steep mountains and so much more. In day-light and by head-torch, we experienced what it really is like to survive in this white wonderland. They saying that “dog is man´s best friend” could never be truer. They do so much work and never complain, are always so friendly and love to have a pat and cuddle. Certainly we will miss the dogs, just ad we miss the warm hospitality provided by all at The Silent Way, including Catrines father Stig.

Thank you Silent Way.
Brett and Mae – Dubai
Kim and Luke – Australia

Training with your own dogs 28 December 08 – 10 January 09

Happy New Year and Thanks to Welcome us to Lapland. -30 degrades is a good experience. Yours dogs look good and it is really amazing to see their all together in the dogyard. I will come back in February with my family and I’m sure my children like to play with your dogs. They are so well behaved! Thanks again for your hospitality!

Serge and his 10 dogs from France 

Crystal lodge to lodge 5 – 11 January 09

To Kenneth, Catte and Erik, but also … to Isa, My, Itzak, Protes and Hoppans!
Pictures say more than words:
Click here for a movie http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=qOfR2bhupZo
Click here for Martijns pictures http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=Cvc_wDYZ_I8
Martijn from The Netherlands.

To Catrine, Kenneth and Erik at The Silent Way.

To saying it was an experience of a lifetime is putting it mildly. I am glad and my life is richer for the experience of meeting you all and your fabulous dogs. To trust absolute beginners and let them loose with your sleds and dogs takes a lot of courage and trust. Thanks to you Kenneth and of course Erik we all come back with great memories of a fabulous trip in Lapland, with funny stories of near misses (disasters), not to mention the fantastic scenery. It was hard going at times but we all come through it richer in knowing that we had pushed ourselves and won. My legs are like two trunks now, He, he!
The good food, companionship and doing something different made the whole Silent Way experience one never be forgotten. New friends made - human and animal, experience and laughs shared on six days of pure excitement and at time adrenalin producing downhill charges made me feel alive again. Thank all of you and Catrine, you can cook a mean blueberry pie!

Mervyn - UK

It is a real complement to say that The Silent Way has to be the best dogsledding kennel in Lapland. This is my second visit to Umnäs and it was really good to see Kenneth and Catrine again and of course the Alaskan Huskies. There are some new additions to the dogs this year but also it was good to see some old friends again, specially Sinbad who always shows good temperament together with being a good lead dog.
Our guides Kenneth and Eric were always willing to advise and help if needed and kept us amused with stories over a glass wine or two!
A special thanks to Catrine for providing us all with such good feed throughout the tour. The elk was particularly good and the reindeer stew was even better.
Thank you all again for making this trip so enjoyable and looking forward to seeing you all again next year.

Roger Bines, UK

To Kenneth, Catrine and Erik and of course the Dogs
We saw some movies and documentaries about dogsledding and planned a weekend in France but it didn’t work out and actually we are glad that it didn’t because it wouldn’t have been the same experience as here in Lapland with all of you! Those days have been a total cut with our daily lives and living in a hut was a good experience. We learned a lot of things during those days about dogs of course but also about nature.
The dogs were great and really did a good job especially on those tiring uphill! We were so tired and they were not! We experienced different weathers and temperatures and saw different landscapes. The most beautiful one was yesterday, the sunset was just amazing, never seen those colors in my life! We will really keep memories from this trip; we really enjoyed it and had fun. I need to stop writing now because we have to meet everybody in the dog yard. We just spotted an elk in the yard and spent some time taking pictures of it. Now I have to rush finish my breakfast. Thanks again for this great adventure!!

Lisa and Ranjit – Switzerland

Arctic Colors and Light, 13-20 January

The Tasty Way!!!
We had quite a few remarkable days up here close to the Arctic Circle. We experienced some arctic temperatures and breaking ice as well.
Moments, smells, sights, tastes, uphill’s and downhill’s we will never forget for the rest of our lives.
Tusen tack to the champion cook Catrine, the big dog Kenneth, the small dog Erik and all the other brave and strong working dogs. Now we know wild Sweden! “So,  please get on the brakes with your gloves on, please now!” Truly a tour of highest quality. So rare to find such a genuine experience and to be welcomed so warmly. Keep up the outstanding work.

Graeme– Scotland
Sam – Belgium
Joe and Ira – Belgium
Ralph – Germany

Stars and Northern Light I – 22-28 January

Kenneth, Catrine and Erik
Many thanks for a truly memorable experience; this was definitely a holiday of a lifetime.
The views, scenery and especially the dogs were magnificent. The food was outstanding with so many flavors, Catrine you are truly a Master Chef.
Kenneth and Erik are a fantastic team. Thank you for letting us share this experience with you. Now we know what Wild Sweden looks and feels like. Well be back!
Once again many thanks for everything and all you have done for us.

Love from
George and Kate – England

Wow!! What an experience!!
The hospitality, friendship and efficiency of your operation is great! We arrived VERY apprehensive, and left with a great feeling of fulfillment.
Thank you Catrine, Kenneth and of course Erik, you have helped us experience your part of the world, and done it well. Last, but definitely not last, a HUGE pat, cuddle and ear scratch to all the dogs – what a crew!

Paul and Sue – Australia

 Thanks for a fantastic trip with great dogs, scenery, guides and food.
The Silent Way – The Best Way!!
Andrew and Lester – South Africa

Stars and Northern Light II, 2 - 8 February

To Kenneth, Catrine and Erik
Words cannot describe how much of an amazing time we have all had here in Lapland with the three of you and all 53 of your beautiful dogs. This was the trip of a lifetime and one that I will be remembering and reflection on for the rest of my life. To Kenneth and Erik – you guys made the trip what it was and without the both of you as our tour leaders, the trip just wouldn’t have been the same. I will really miss you Catrine, your meal were so delicious!! I just hope I can learn to cook like you one day. I now have a couple of new favorite meats – elk and reindeer! Thank you all for accommodating us so well plus for inviting us so warmly into your home. Truly an amazing experience and certainly one I hope to have again in the future. Dogs – I will miss you Snö, Charlie, Liza, Elvis and Momo. Such lovely, beautiful dogs. Thanks for everything – will seriously miss you guys!!!
Love Jean – Australia

To Kenneth, Catrine and Erik
What an amazing adventure you have all provided us. I find myself leaving with mixed emotions. Proud in the sense of achievement for completing the trip, envious that I won’t be eating any of Catrines Sami dishes, sad that we will be leaving 53 good friends behind, but most of all happy that we were able to meet you and share the last six action packed days together. Thanks team “puppy Power” – Kanel, Stig, Jet, Harley, Roxy and Sinbad.

Love Richard – Australia

To Kenneth, Catrine and Erik
The trip was more than we could have anticipated it to be. It was truly a wonderful adventure and we will go away with some amazing memories. Thank you Kenneth for your guidance, patience, direction and humor, your wonderful personality made this trip. Thank you Erik for the time and effort in the behind the scene work – it certainly didn’t go unnoticed. Catrine … words cannot describe how much we LOVE your food. Thank you for making the delectable food we tucked into throughout the tour. To all 3 of you, we are amazed at your enthusiasm for hard work and for making our Silent Way tour something we will never forget. As a group we will have many years reflecting on this adventures, laughing about our experiences. We are really sad to be leaving and hope that one day our paths will cross again. To the hard working young dogs… we will miss you so much! Thanks for working hard. You are all gorgeous and we really can’t wait to show off all our photos!!“Ok .. We go now”
Love Lisa and Ben – Australia

Kenneth, Catrine and Erik
We can’t really put into words exactly how amazing this trip has been. It has far surpassed our expectations. Your wonderful hospitality, expert guidance, delicious food (you have converted one non – red meat eater!), humor and kindness. The dogs were unforgettable and some will definitely stay etched in our memories. If only we could take them home with us! We will miss them and you but maybe back one day. You have certainly made us want to explore this part of Sweden more.

Tack så hemskt mycket!
Melissa – Australia and Martin – Sweden

Sunshine Awakening I, 11-17 February

Kenneth, Catrine and Erik
Thanks again for an amazing week. Everything was perfect – luckily for us that included the weather. Even the little storm we got was great – it showed me just how dauntless the dogs are. You live in a very beautiful part of the world – thanks for sharing it with us. I can’t imagine a better holiday – awesome scenery, fantastic food, your incredible dogs and of course your patience and enthusiasm. Thanks!

Pete – London, UK

Kenneth, Catrine and Erik
Thank you for inviting us into your home and into your piece of paradise for a short period of time. The dogs, the scenery and the food were incredible. Words cannot describe the experience we had but the memories will always be cherished. Thanks again! Hope to see you again someday!

Traci and Chris - Alabama, USA       

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
An amazing experience, I loved the wilderness, the dogs, and of course, famously, the food! Great to get a mini-storm too. -30C, -20C, -10C all mean something now. But, got to go back to London and hear people complain about 0 C! Strange people!

Steve – London, UK

Dan, the drag queen says Thank you!

Dan – London, UK

Kenneth, Catrine and Erik
Thank you for the wonderful experience, it was far better that I thought it would be. Thanks Catrine for your cooking, it was very tasty. (thanks Kenneth for shooting the elk we ate).
I think the Swedish mountains are the most beautiful in the world. Especially seen from a sled pulled by the kindest Alaskan huskies in the world. To say it was a once in lifetime experience would be to lie, because I’m sure will return.
Thanks for everything and a special to the lovely and strong dogs that pulled us through (especially Snö, my favorite)

Ludo – Belgium

Sunshine Awakening II, 20 – 27 February
This has been an amazing experience for all of us! No words or pictures can explain the extent of the experience. The diverse nature of the Lapland was incredible! We will never forget… spending day and night bonding with the dogs, each with individual characters. Thank you Kenneth and Catrine for making it possible. Catrine, your food was delicious, you are a great cook! Kenneth, good luck on the race. (be careful during windy bathroom breaks!).Erik, this trip would have been nothing without you. You were the 4th member of our family. Your multi tasking and various skills impressed us all! We admire your patience and optimists throughout the toughest of times. We are sure it wasn’t easy working with deaf people (one was dad – Mihran, and the other was Carla and her IPod) 
This trip was a great chance to get out of our comfort zone and experience raw nature at its fullest. Whether it be, cleaning up dog poop, hanging up those darn boots at night, feeding the dogs or munching on frozen power bars wouldn’t have had it any other way!
Thank you all again!

Best wishes to all of you! Warm regards.
Mihran, Carla and Lucie, Beirut – Lebanon

Family Week, 22-28 February
It felt like coming home again when we arrives in the middle of the night at Svantes house.
We had a great week with the most beautiful weather you could imagine.
Two days on the snowmobile in which we learned how difficult it can be driving those monsters! We also learned how to make a nice and cozy place to have lunch, with a real sofa and a real kitchen, great!
Going skiing a little further than planned, but again with a lot of sunshine learned us noticing and understanding the tracks of the fox, the hare and the elk. Thank you Nora!
And everyday a different lunch, all of them so really good!
Then on Thursday “a day off”, we took “our” car to Tärnaby.
And than finally a day with the dogs. Oh, they were great! It was so much better than last year, when there wasn’t as much snow as there was now. It was great.
We ended the day and holiday with a lovely meal. I even ate fish and liked it!
Thank you very much for this week of total difference from all of the other weeks.

Peter, Elvira, Anne and Sander – Holland

Northern Silence I, 3 – 10 March

Hello! I´ve had the opportunity to go for a trip with Silent Way for six days. It has been amazing trip all the way, in spite of the weather.
We have struggled through storm and deep snow, but everyone has had a great spirit. We have had good meals, slept well and laughed a lot. We have carried wood and water, shoveled doggy-poops and cared for the dogs.
The dogs are incredible, they work hard and run all the time pulling the sleighs with all our equipment and ourselves, imaging the weight comparing to their size…
We weren’t able to see the beautiful mountain tops, as often as I´d like to, since the clouds were all around and the snowing kept coming and going, but it didn’t matter that much.
To be able to manage through a snowstorm and still be safe is a special challenge and will last as a great memory.
This trip has been really special for me since Erik, our guide, is my son. I think he does a really good job and it felt safe all the time, relaying on him.
Catte and Kenneth can also feel safe sending their guests into the wilderness with him.
Michael and Charlotte from Munich did a great job, too. Friendly, helpful and a good mood. Easy to become friends with such a people! I wouldn’t hesitate to do this trip all over again if the opportunity was given.
Thank you very much Catte, Kenneth, Erik and all the dogs.

Johnny – Sweden

We wanted to do something special for our honeymoon and we did! Before we arrived in Umnäs we were not sure if dogsledding was the right thing for us, especially because Michael was a bit scared of dogs. But this days were like a therapy and after our six day tour Michael and the dogs were best friends (especially Boris). Although we had a bit if bad luck with the weather (including “ a nice little snowstorm”) we enjoyed every minute of the tour. Special thanks to our guide Erik who had so much patience and also to his dad – we had very much fun with both of them and were laughing a lot. (grrrr….) The six days passed so quickly, we really wanted to go on. Many thanks to Catrine for the warm welcome in Umnäs and her help while our additional days, and for bringing us to the elk! We are sad now, because we will have to say good bye to the dogs tomorrow…
We will recommend The Silent Way to our friends!

Charlotte and Michael – Germany

Northern Silence Extra, 12 – 18 March

Thanks to Erik, the best guide there is. What I will miss after this experience? I certainly will miss the sound of the dogs when they are getting ready to go and when we are just going steady, the dogs panting. The thrill of the downhill’s. The best food of the trip was Silent Way kebab, yam! Of course I am going to miss my power team, my wonder dogs – Prosit, Isa, Jet, Hoppans, Melon and Tiger!

Maja – Finland

Our trip was wonderful! I`ll never stop being amazes by nature, it’s the coolest thing. THe most beautiful thing. I have not been thinking at all during the daysbehind the dogs. It´s like my brain have been turned off and instead of thinking I have just been feeling.
Thank you for that! And Erik you have been a great guide.

Nanny-Maja – Sweden

My before the trip – tired and sitting to much by the computer…
After the trip – I’m alive again!!
Harley is my favorite dog.
Cattes cake was “off the hook”!
I even kind a miss the smell of dog poop.

Marc – Sweden

Northern Silence II, 20 – 26 March
Silent Way, you are the best! We had a great adventure out with you. And the dogs are wonderful! Belissimo!

Anna, Andrea, Laura, Claudio, Viola and Marco – Italy

Sarek, Padjelanta, Kebnekaise, 30 March – 9 April

Text coming soon.

                      Felix, Rene, Marcus, Paul and Franz

Spring Adventure in Sarek and Padjelanta, 20 April – 1 May

To Catte & Kenneth
Your dogs are great and really fit
we fed them well and picked their shit.
We climbed white peaks on mountain steep
and crossed cold rivers, green and deep.
We fought the storms and banged on trees
we fell from sleds and crawled on knees.
We surfed the lakes and broke the ice
but we survived – surprise, surprise.
Thanks for a nice and adventurous tour!

Helmut, Christin, Claudia – Austria
Linda – Norway
Phil – UK

To get the most out of an experience you sometimes have to work hard to make it happen.
Ten days out, starting beyond the Arctic circle, travelling further north for two days in soft snow certainly was a challenge. Turning south, still in soft snow, against strong winds and across 10 km of frozen lake with water on top at times almost up to our knees took us to what seemed to be the windiest place in the world. Crossing flowing rivers, further journeys across lakes with so much water some of the dogs had to swim took us further through the Swedish mountains. With sleds heavy with five days provisions for us and the dogs made the going hard at times, it seemed like a real expedition. After the five days we were re-stocked by Catte near the Norwegian border with five more days of supplies.
Where did all this take us?
 Well is was through mountain scenery so pristine that the only other signs of life at times were the fox, lynx and wolverine tracks. We saw reindeer and elk.
On days with clear blue skies the ice crystals in the snow twinkled like a myriad of lights!
The dogs, so strong, pulled us up steep slopes, over bare ground and of course over those water covered lakes. Travelling with Momo, Pumba, Boris´, Yet, Melon and Snö was like seeing the mountains with old friends, whilst new acquaintances were made with Saga and Loke. How else would you experience the wonder of the Swedish mountains as winter turned to Spring – I can’t think of any better way. The earth was renewing itself from a winter sleep and I was there to see it.
Yet again Kenneth showed his skill in understanding the conditions and countryside to bring us each night to a warm cabin, even in the windiest place in the world. Kenneth is at home in the mountains and I was happy to be there with him.
I wish Catte and Kenneth all my best wishes for the summer and new dogsledding season and especially for the well earned holiday in the Galapagos.

Best wishes! Phil – UK


From season 2007

Crystal lodge to lodge 5-11 January

Dear Kenneth & Catte
Words are not enough to tell you what amazing time I had with the dogs on the mountain, so great!
Thank you very much for all your good care and giving a little inside on mushing and Lapland.
With Love!
Barbara Samwel, Holland

I’m sitting in “my house” at the kitchen table, thinking really hard what to write…
It’s my third visit to you guys and I’m still impressed as I was the first time!
This time I got here early to spend some more time alone in Svantes house of which I enjoyed every second!
I met all the new dogs and was reunited with my “old” friend Henke. I have to admit that I have developed a big weak spot for Sessan this time, that’s what I call girl power!
So if you ever need a retirement home for her, here is a volunteer…
See! Now I almost wrote a book.
The only thing left is to thank you for your warm welcome again. I hope you realize that you are not getting rid of me this way…
I will be back, hopefully next winter, with or without company that doesn’t really matter because I really feel home in Umnäs.
Thank you Stig for your trouble picking me up from the airport every time, the really nice conversations and not forgot the Swedish singing lessons! I will remember to bring more “stroopwafels” next year…
Caroline, Holland

I enjoyed the tour immensely especially your reindeer stew! The dog sledding was brilliant especially travelling through the forest at night time and every day proved a challenge as there was always something new to learn.
I now know how hard you both have to work to make The Silent Way a success and hopefully I will see you again next year.
Roger Bines, England

Arctic Colours & Light, 13-19 Jan

Hej Catrine and Kenneth
I can’t get enough from dogsledding! This is my third time and it is amazing what the dogs and nature can do with me. It gives me such a peaceful feeling and I forgot everything! I enjoyed every second of this tour even when it was though.
Thanks also for everything – the food and all your good care.
I think that there will be other time for dogsledding… so see you again!
Tom, Holland who lives in Belgium

I gained a whole new “dog respect” here. The dogs have pulled me through snow, ice, water and even some worries.
Thank you Catrine & Kenneth for your hospitality, warmth and great food.
Thank you Erik for the tracks.
Hope to come back.
Iris Linsen, Belgium

The trip has been a true adventure. The Silent Way is a truly fantastic company that gives you opportunity to experience Sweden in its most beautiful form.
When I was booking for my adventure back in 2006 I noticed the website for The Silent Way. What I liked about the company is that it offered longer trips rather than just a 2 day trip. Having now just finished my adventure I can whole heartedly recommend The Silent Way. Kenneth, Catrine are excellent hosts, which will give you memories that will last forever.
Joseph Woodward, England

Thank you for the great adventure, I didn’t know what the trip was so though, but afterwards it gives me a fantastic good adrenalin shoot through my vain.
And thanks to the good chief, he was a really a leader, friend and a good guide. Thank you for everything and the good food of Catrine! And see you soon.
Georges Lazic, Belgium

Last year I was in Norway for a 10-minute ride on a dogsled… I want to have more… A dream come true… The Silent Way is pear in its whole.
No-one on the tracks, splendid views, stormy weather, Beautiful Northern Light, enjoying, suffering, breathing, and relaxing…
Thank you Kenneth for being a terrific leader. You gave us the right energy to put us through the stormy weather and the right smile at the right moment. Thank you Catrine for the hospitality and great food…enough energy through our trip…
And of course, thank you – Ullis, Cayenne, Isa, Henke and funny Itzak. Thanks to them Im not afraid for big dogs anymore and hug them without never leaving
Thanks, I will definitely come back.
Sandra from Belgium

Stars & Northern Light, 22-28 January

Thanks for an enjoyable and instructive tour in dogmushing!
Dogmushing in the mountains is an old dream that come true!
Thanks for your professional hostess, food and equipment.
I really like to come back one day…
John Fagertun, Norway

We have travelled through and up many mountains in different parts of the world but this journey was indeed very special. The “silent way” is not only through a wild, peaceful landscape but brings peace and ” inner silence” that some can only find in the mountains. The temperature was cold -32C, but the hospitality and welcome were warm.
Alpha dog – no need to bite my ear – I was happy to follow your lead, and your company and cooking was excellent. Catrine, our introduction to skiing with dogs was … a laugh.
Thank you for opening your home and looking after us so well. The dogs – the superstars of The Silent Way! We will miss them after just one week. They are so happy to work and such fun to be with. Even in the wind, snow and dark you never feel alone as your “friends” surround you. Even collecting shit in -32C is no trouble for such very good companions. We are already planning for our next “longer expedition” with you all.
Henry, Sinbad, Manchester, Chili, Triumph, Diesel and great team of friends in the mountains.
Mike Greene, UK

It is difficult to add to the above. This trip was “surprise present” for me…and a big thank you must also go my wonderful husband who brought me here.
I have laughed and laughed all week. Words cannot describe the wonderful people, the warmth of hospitality and the stormy tranquility of the mountains.
Thank you Momo, Cayenne, Jet, Melon and Henke for pulling me so far and well.
Thank you Catrine for the “dogsking” and excellent food and Kenneth … a great leader… don’t ever forget Penguin Racing!
I will be back.
Karen Greene, UK

Cheva ………………………. The Queen
Snow……………………….. Lots and lots
Toilet ………………………. -32C
Reindeer …………………… Amazing big feet
Icefishing ………………….. Hot chocolate with brandy
Sun ………………………... Almost every day
Elk ………………………… Finally seen one
Catte …………………….… A good friend and great cook
Silent-way kebab……….…. The only real kebab
Frozen lake with water …... Very Wet
Penguin race ……………... With lots of wine
Dog yard ……………….… A lot of shit
Meat soup ………………... Breakfast for the doggies
Sessan ………………….... Very adorable!!
Long John ………………... My hero when in trouble
Girls in heat ……………… Crazy boys
Feeling cold …………….... Keep on kicking
Pumba …………………..... Still have a weak spot for him
Stig ……………………….. Diana
Ulf …………………. …… Great trackmaker
Salt/Ior …………………... Young and playful
Snö ………………………. Soft and friendly
Temperature …………….. Between 0 C and -32 C
Hay ……………….……… Happy dogs
Ammarnäs ……….………. Good for restday with stormy weather
Northern Light …….…….. On vacation (except last night)
Kenneth …………….…… Big boss, great guide
Ylle ……………………… Very warm
Overstjuktan lodge ……….. Nice place, trevlig
Umnäs Guesthouse ………... Feels like home
Lindoana, Holland

Sunshine Awakening I, 31 Jan – 6 February

Kenneth & Catrine, this trip was a birthday present for my 50th birthday, something I have always wanted to do. My birthday was the impetus I needed to actually get around doing it! A bit of Googling quickly came up on your website, and all the pictures, especially of the dogs, really made up my mind.
The trip lived up to and exceeded all our expectations… great food, great company, great scenery, (not so) great weather, but pride of place has to go to the real heroes, the dogs. Sinbad and Boris upfront guiding the rest. Tiger and Chili messing about like two teenagers, and last, but very nor least my two wheel dogs, Snö and Diesel who were the real power houses dragging me up slopes and around bends catching up the sled where the owners where of sled pushing.
Praise as well to Catrine for the wonderful food! I didn’t know elk and reindeer were such versatile ingredients!
So, thank you both and all the dogs for an unforgettable once in a lifetime experience.
Alun & Alison, Ireland

Not knowing really what I was in for, having never experienced dog sledging no serious minus temperature before, turned into one of the best holidays and experiences I ever had!
To try and capture everything in a few words is extremely hard, however the high lights include the spectacular views all through the mountains, that when you remember to look!
The quietness travelling along behind the dogs and feeling of being alone in the last space, and of course, the dogs, which without them I wouldn’t have made it.
Thank you for allowing me to share this special part of the world, your hospitality, kindness and encouragement when I needed it.
I hope our paths cross again one day.
Sandra – one of the Australians living in the UK.

A great trip with stunning scenery. It was fantastic to be close to the nature again and great fun to work with dogs that are all amazing friendly and good natured even after a hard day’s work.
Thank Kenneth for being a good guide and keeping everyone under control! I really loved the downhills through the trees! Thank you Catrine for all the great food! It was very, very nice!
Nick, UK

Thank you for your hospitality + such warm welcome to your home and land. Dogsledding in Sweden couldn’t be further from what I experienced in dry, dusty Australia, having now experienced it; the parallels are amazing (except the temperature). I’ve loved every minute of my trip – the scenery, the huts, the storms and of course, the dogs!
Thank you again, I hope our paths cross again. I had loved to stay longer to master the downhills!
Samantha (Australia) live in UK

Sunshine Awakening II, 8-14 February

Well, were to start? This has certainly been some of the most rewording and exciting days of my life, it reminds me of how simple life still can be and I thank you for that. From the start, with all of the dogs howling to the -31 C it really has been a real adventure.
I would recommend The Silent Way to anybody, Kenneth and Catrine – you are a wonderful couple and thank you for the hospitality and knowledge of the area. The dogs are incredible and you should be proud of them. Thanks again and as they say in Zimbabwe – “we meet to part and part to meet” I sincerely hope to see you again!
All my love!
Rufus, London
PS. I loved the smell of dogshit in the morning!

Well, first thing to say is I can hardly write as my arms are ache so much! Its been an amazing adventure, from the “I cannot believe I’m doing this” for 5 days ago, to the drilling ice holes for water, to the pure exhilaration of so many long downhill’s, with the winter light twinkling through the snow-laden trees. It really was like venturing through winter land. The dogs are extraordinary – how can such real working dogs also be so utterly gentle! Hoppans, Phil, Salt, Triumph and Tiger: what a bunch of troopers.
Especially as I no doubt got heavier by the day with all the delicious food!
SO, thank you again for a really special five days and all the memories. Not least of which the fact I can now boast to all my friends that I have been to the 100 outside in the middle of the night at -30C. Who would have thought it!!
Much Love!
Erica, London

Wilderness offers so much. It can be a place to think, a time to reflect. But this time I can honestly say I had only one conscious thought in the whole time out. Gazing across a high plateau with crystal clear air sparkling around dedicate snow laden brunches, it just struck me – wow this is really me out here doing this amazing thing. A great feeling.
Kenneth, Catrine, Prosit, Gert, Diesel, Chili and Sessan – thank you all!
This second time just makes me sure – I’ll be back again!
Laura, England

Dear Kenneth & Catrine!
Thank you for a truly marvelous trip. Your hospitality has been wonderful. I would have liked to have had two store cash’s to take full advantage of the great food.
I didn’t have any expectations about the dogsledding, but it was a beautiful journey through the mountains, the silent way – well except to the crazy starts. It’s just great!
I didn’t want the trip to end on the last day. The ice fishing was great, despite the lack of arctic char for tea.
Thank you all, Kenneth, Catrine, Sofie, the dogs + Chefen; it was great fun to meet a iguana in Lapland!
Jo, England
Ps/ I share my heart with a Husky called Boris…

Beautiful places, beauty people, beautiful dogs,,, all make for a fantastic trip!
Thank you so much Kenneth & Catrine. If I try to describe all the wonderful things it will get far too long, so I’ll leave it at that.
Much love to you both and all the dogs.
Kate, England

Adventure with kids, 16 – 22 Feb

Dear Catrine, Kenneth, Eric and Richard
Thank you for a wonderful visit for me and my daughter. We have had such a good time with the dog sledding and other activities. Today was so thrilling and special and the dogs were so strong and steady.
Eric and Richard looked after so well.
With many thanks and best wishes!
Kathryn, England

To Kenneth and Catrine
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to come dogsledding and other activitets. To have the chance for me to drive 3 dogs was very exciting. I enjoyed being with the dogs, they are very well trained and sweet.
Thank you also for your cooking and hospitality, the food was very good. The area you showed us was beautiful with mountains and animal tracks.
I will miss you and Triumph, Smart, Boris and all the dogs.
Thanks again.
Vicki, 10 years old. England

Dear Kenneth and Catrine
It was really amazing to be here! We had a very nice time here. You are really nice people and you gave us a wonderful holiday. I’m really going to miss the dogs and the beautiful nature.
Thank you Kenneth, Catrine and of course Eric. Good bye Snö, Ullis, Itzak and Shrek.
We are going home and start the normal life again.
Maybe we will see you again, about a few years.
Good bye. Love to you and all the dogs.
Kaja 11 year, The Netherlands

Dear Kenneth and Catrine
I am really grateful that you gave us, me and my 11-year-old daughter the opportunity to taste a first bite of your wilderness adventures. Your tailor made week was unforgettable, your care was heartwarming and the things you shown us – nature and a way of living in it – were true lessons of life. More than special thanks are going to Eric. He become a close friend whose love for the nature proves how wise a 22 year old kiddo can be! He thought me - almost 50 years old! - A lot of respect for the environment and about the satisfaction that can be found in the small things daily life presents us. Never let this guy leave you!
Paolo, The Netherlands

Training and Competition, 22 Feb – 16March
This is the 7th time I have come to Sweden to enjoy The Silent Ways company in the mountains. This time I come to train and take part in the Finnmark 500 km dogsled race in Alta, Norway. A race described as the world’s most northerly dogsled race, up beyond the Arctic Circle. I trained with Kenneth, with the most powerful dogsled team I have ever driven and although I started the race I only covered the first 53 km to the first checkpoint. Three times in the dark I tried to leave the check point, but the first time my headlight failed, the second time Ullis and Momo. My lead dogs chewed through the harness and front anchor line and run off into the dark and on the third time my brake broke. I believed that there was a doorway on the other side of the checkpoint and I was not allowed to pass through. I decided to stay overnight at the checkpoint and enjoyed the hospitality of the Norwegian people who helped me, we talked about football and fishing into the late hours. It was a hard decision to pull out of the race especially after all the hard work Kenneth and Catte had put in to just get me there. Some people will say that I failed. Did I fail to realize the trust Kenneth put in me to use the dogs in the race, did I fail to enjoy the training with the dogs, did I fail to enjoy the atmosphere of taking part in one of the world’s most renowned dog sled races, did I fail to marvel at the scenery we passed through during the race? The answer to all these questions is definitely NO. If you make what you think is the correct decision at the time you can fail the race but still consider you have run a good race – this is what I believe I did. All the dogs in the team were safe, no injuries. What an adventure, 3 days to get to Alta, beautiful Northern Lights, great company (I will always be part of Team Umnäs) and a race thrown in.
The most important thing is that are part of “Team Umnäs” made it through the race!
Kenneth finished still with 7 out of his 8 dogs – WHAT AN ACHEIVEMENT!
I must thank Kenneth, Catte and Ulrika for looking after me so well, especially Catte who had to drive so long to pick me up after I scratched from the race. Their belief in me made the whole adventure possible. However thanks most go to Momo, Ullis, Boris, Pumba, Henke, Smart, Itzak and Melon the strongest team I have ever driven. I am sure they would have taken me the whole way round. Once again the only way I can describe what I experienced is BRILLIANT! I have learned so much more about dogsledding and also about myself, it’s strange what you learn in the mountains with just the dogsled team for company. This time I did not soar like an eagle, I just hopped on fluttered like a sparrow but I am proud of that anyway.
Best wishes for all your future ventures.
Phil Gretton, England

Northern Silence I, 18 – 25 March
Another wonderful trip except in Sunshine this year and with the wonderful Northern Lights.
Thanks again to Kenneth for such good guiding, to the dogs for the muscle power and to Catte for the great food! I am looking forward to coming again soon!
Louis Owens, Dublin Ireland

Great dogs
Great food
Great place
Great people
Great time
Thank you Ken
Thank you Cat
Ben, England

What a great experience. Everything seems to have been just right, the dogs, the weather, the scenery and the company.
Some unforgettable moments –
• Hanging on like grim death when leaving Dalovardo.
• The exhilaration of crossing the mountains.
• The friendliness of the dogs.
• And seeing a great display of the Northern Light at the Victoria Church – something I have always wanted to see.
I really don’t think it could have been better. Thanks for everything Catrine & Kenneth.
Dewi – Swansea

Kenneth, Catrine, Eric, Stig + Sofie
Thank you so much for a wonderful trip I will never forget – from snowmobiling, dogs, scenery, Northern Lights, picnics, icefishing. I’ve loved every minute of it.
Thank you for your hospitality, you made us feel so welcome. We were really looked after well. I will miss my team of dogs a lot, Snö, Melon, Crocker, Isa (my baby girl, Gert, Alou and Momo.
Thanks again for everything, It really was fantastic.
Caitlin – Swansea, Wales

Northern Silence II, 27 March – 4 April
Dear Catrine & Kenneth
Thank you a lot for this unique experience and particular your warm hospitality.
To discover Lapland’s scenery was amazing, especially with Kenneth’s guidance and with seven fantastic dogs: Smart, Salt, Peppar, Pumba, Boris, Snö and Melon.
Take good care of you and the dogs.
Hope to see you again soon.
Peter Lay, Switzerland

Stort tack till The Silent Way!
Alla på företaget Vardag har haft en underbar dag I Umnäs. Ni och hundarna gjorde ett oerhört bra jobb. Ser fram emot att komma tillbaka igen för nya äventyr.
Anna, Lisa, Mariann, Nanny-Maja, Johan, Micke, Peter och Robert

Sound of Silence, 13-19 April

A magical landscape of mountains, forests and lakes. Good food, good company and wonderful dogs.
Many thanks!
Mary Wyatt, United Kingdom

What an experience! This has been really special! It’s not only about the beautiful nature
And dog sledging, it is the “Silent Way” philosophy that makes it so different!
Being out there as a team, supporting each other, succeeds in a difficult situation together is really an experience. Last but not least: Great hospitality, Catrine for the great food. We really enjoyed the beautiful weather and the Grappa-evenings.
All best to you! Take care!
1000 hugs for my dogs!
Daniela and Michael, Switzerland


From season 2006

Stars & Northern Light, 14-20 December
Dear Kenneth & Catrine
What to say about such an indescribably wonderful experience?
I had always dreamed of going on a dogsledding trip, but my wildest fantasies could never have prepared me for the wonderful adventure "The Silent Way" had in store for us. In short, a few of my highlights (in no particular order):
1. SWEDISH COUNTRYSIDE - though we weren't lucky enough for the Northern lights, the vast white desert of untouched snow as seen under a full moon was unreal and unforgettable, Sweden is truly such a beautiful country.
2. THE DOGS - Your dogs are amazing. Friendly and always ready to run. I loved my whole team, and I will especially remember "Henke" - who seemed allergic to a slack line.
3. THE FOOD - Mistress of the kitchen, Catrine your incredible meals at the end of every day made any tiredness or sore muscles fade away. Thank you so much for the incredible hospitality.
4. THE LAYERS - of clothes, that is. Thanks to your gear, I was warm the whole trip, and grateful to Kenneth for the occasional help with a rebellious glove. Being warm in such cold weather is a small miracle for a Florida girl, so I guess that makes you guys miracle makers.
5. THE WIPEOUTS - I only fell 4 times during the trip and I enjoyed every single one! Learning the basics of mushing has been beyond fun, and if I'm lucky I will get to do it again with you.
6. KENNETH - Alpha dog, intrepid leader, considerate guide, professional food heater, fascinating conversationalist and my top choice for a companion when I need to survive in the middle of nowhere - thanks for an unforgettable week, I hope its not the last!
Thank you for sharing this incredible experience with me and my mom. Please keep in touch. The Silent Way will always hold a special place in my heart.
Love/ Shay Weiner - Florida

Dear Kenneth and Catrine
Thank you for an indescribable tour in a lifetime experience here in Sweden. Coming from Florida, the landscape, the weather and the amazing dogs were absolutely astonishing. Your kindness and strength as a leader, Kenneth, kept us all safe and gave us the confidence that we could be out there mushing and handle the dogs well. Catrine your cooking and support was top notch.
Thank you for the amazing experience!
Diana Weiner - Florida

To Kenneth & Catrine
What a pleasure it is to leave the noise and glamour of the city in order to experience what is essential.
To travel silently over pristine snow by the light of the moon and stars.
To travel through forests under clear blue skis.
To watch while the sun sets the sky on fire and to glide silently over frozen lakes.
You have found something special, and your hospitality and kindness to your guests is something few people have the privilege to enjoy in today's world where we spend too much time on what is valueless.
And finally to the dogs that are so loyal and hard working. Their enthusiasm to start n the morning put us to shame as stumbled about.
Thank you for such a wonderful time.
Louis Owens, - Ireland

Dear Kenneth & Catrine
It has been a very exciting week of dogsledding and not quite as cold as expected. At first when we arrived to the dog yard I was a little bit nervous because I have almost no experience with dogs. Fortunately they were incredible peaceful and I quickly got used on sledding with them. As a matter of fact I got quite used to my five buddies, and I think they to me. That we didn't see the Northern Light didn't smaller the intensity of the rides a bit. I particularly enjoyed the downhills in the deep snow, and that one first night trip in the light of the full moon. Its with a sad heart I leave Alou, Gert, Jet, Diesel and Crocker and I wish you Kenneth good luck with the further training of Alou.
Regards, Daniel - Switzerland

Hi Catrine & Kenneth
Well as we arrived I didn't know what to expect, so I just let it come. The first day I still think it was the toughest and as matter of fact I thought I going to end up like Ötzi (the frozen iceman), but then I really started liking it and the dogs of course. Sometimes when I was alone I felt like Santa Claus just without the presents. Sad was that it was over so quickly.
It is in my eyes an unforgettable experience that everybody should do. Kenneth and Ulf your very nice guys, stay like that and hopefully I come back again. Catrine you are a great cook, thanks a lot for refilling our energies in a really pleasant and great tasting way. Your bread is great! Thanks to all of you and obviously to all the dogs, they are awesome.
Hopefully seeing you again!
Alessandro - Switzerland

Crystal lodge to lodge, 5-11 January
The sound of the dogs, baying, howling, barking, singing as we get ready to set of in the morning is a sound that will live with me forever.
Is there a better adventure holiday out there? I don't think so.
Great equipment, fabulous food, eager well-trained and enthusiastic dogs and of course excellent leaders who made this trip.
Kieran Spillane - Ireland

I really can't describe how fantastic these last days have been. It's hard to believe that I will ever be able to top The Silent Way experience. Whether I was huffing and puffing up hills or holding on for my life coming down them, I was always having a fantastic time.
Catrine - thank you for delicious food and company.
Thanks to all the fantastic dogs without them I still be sitting at the bottom of a hill somewhere in the beautiful Swedish wilderness. And thanks Kenneth for everything - be it picking me up out of the snow (again!). Keeping an eye on me to make sure I stayed upright, and for your fantastic company. The whole experience will stay with me forever and I'm afraid, Kenneth, that you may see me back in a few years time. I promise, however, that I will not come back until I found some way to practise!
Thank you so much for everything, I'll miss it terrible!
Becky Smith - United Kingdom

What a fantastic adventure this has been. I have always wanted to try a dogsledding adventure but the experiences of the last six days have exceeded my wildest dreams.
I have become addicted to the mountains, the company, the snow, but most of all the dogs. They are a joy and I have made a lot of new friends. I will be coming back!
Brett Gardner - United Kingdom

Arctic Colour and Light 13-19 January
Beyond Imagination.
A 1000 dreams, a 1000 journeys - this trip with The Silent Way has been the best.
A true romantic with nature, great people and oh so fantastic dogs.
Thank you!
Laura - USA

O God, new people again.
After one rest day we are going to have to work again. They look very inexperienced. It will be fun to throw them off the sledge!
Hello! Let go of that brake! Let us run!
But still those people grow on us, its nice to be petted by them and to see that we are giving them a fantastic time. It turned out to be a wonderful adventure. We hope to see Inge and Robert again.
Pumba, Smart, Harley, Itzak, Honda, Thruimph, max, Ullis, Hoppans, Dennis, Sinbad, Spej, Henke och Jet.
Robert & Inge - The Netherlands

Sunshine Awakening I, 17-23 February
For more than one year we are developing, exchanging and publishing ideas about the how the "expedition" would be.
It was everything we expected, and more.
The experience in unforgettable and will be a very rich source for countless new stones and fantasies about: frostbite, crashes, dogshit, lodges, mountains and most of all stories about FREINDSHIP!
Kenneth & Catrine, thank you!
Edward - Amsterdam

What is there to say? One year of mental preparation and finally we were out there: four Dutch guys and the English "mystery guest", 40 dogs and Kenneth. We will never forget this. For five days I was one with my relentless team:
Boris - the body builder with his question-mark shaped tail.
Henry - the sad old man
Kaya - the Beauty and young
Hobbe - the dreamer
Gecko - the professional one
I will miss you guys! You pulled me all the way and I thank you for that.
Kenneth thanks for your guidance, Catrine thanks for the food, Lapland thanks for the views. I return to Amsterdam as a rich man.
Rogier - Amsterdam

Your hospitality has been great, thank you so much for your kindness, patience, for so many delicious meals and for giving me the chance to pretend for a few moments to be Ernst Shackletai.
I will never forget this week, the crystal snow, the colours in the stars, the northern lights, the sun through the trees as we did our last downhill to Umnäs and, of course, the strength and diligence of the dogs!
Thank you!
Mel Hall - United Kingdom

A guide, an English bird, four Dutch guys & 39 dogs: nothing more is needed for an everlasting experience!
Thanks for all!
Eric - Amsterdam

Sunshine Awakening II, 27 Feb - 6 Mar
Loved every minute of our trip - even the scary starts and very icy downhill's! Thanks for looking after us so well Kenneth and Catrine, and to Hoppans, Honda, Tanja, Melon and Snö.
Ruth Jones - United Kingdom

Awesome, amazing, outstanding, fantastic - that goes for the dogs, mountains, Kenneth, Catrines cooking and hospitality. Certainly a trip of a lifetime, one that everyone should try to undertake.
Many thanks, love!
Julie - United Kingdom

Really a mind-blowing experience in many respects. Its difficult to know what to expect - but a few things will stay in y mind forever, the sheer power of the dogs, especially every time we start up, the crazy downhills where your life flashes before your eyes, the beautiful views, the temperatures which I have never experienced (-33 C), crossing the frozen lakes, using the ice screw to drill for water, but mainly the whole dog experience - what wonderful animals, so powerful and wild, yet so friendly!
And of course Kenneth and Catrine looked us after superbly.
Thanks for a lifetime experience!
Pete - United Kingdom

I have waited nearly 20 years for this experience and "wow" was it worth waiting for! Words can't begin to describe the whole experience from the wilderness to the sub zero temperatures. But what really made this whole thing for me was the sheer exhilaration of being pulled along by seven supremely fit + strong dogs day after day, never slowing.
Thanks Kenneth + Catrine for a lovely fantastic experience.
John - United Kingdom

Northern Silence I, 10 Mar - 17 Mar
Dear Kenneth, Catrine & Erik
This was our first trip to Sweden and it was amazing. We like it very hard!
The dogs, the weather, the food and the group … just everything was perfect!
It's the first time we feel us so relax and we really enjoyed it.
If you come once to Belgium I hope you will visit us and be our guests.
Thanks for all!
Katrin & Jo - Belgium

We really want to steal a couple of dogs to take home so that we can live The Silent Way every day!
After some deep thought Julie and I feel we will truly miss "skotta hunddynga" We will miss our daddy yelling we will miss "lay a egg", soup in the morning, coffee in the evening.
This was one of our greatest adventures!
We would like to thank Kenneth, Catrine, Lisa, Sophie and all the dogs!
You are always welcome in our home.
Tom & Julie - USA

Northern Silence II, 21 Mar - 28 Mar
We had a fantastic time and enjoyed every minute of our trip. The scenery was impressive and the dogs lovely. We learned about strange Swedish traditions like "egg throwing" and ice fishing. Many thanks to Catrine & Kenneth and all our four-legged friends.
Petra & Uwe - Scotland

I would like to thank Kenneth + Catrine for allowing me to spend a wonderful week with my 19-year old son. We enjoyed the lovely landscape and specially to know our dog teams, We will miss the breakfast and delicious evening meals. Thanks again for such a memorable vacation.
Jim & Jimi - USA

Tour over Easter 13-17 April
Tack Catrine och Kenneth och självklart alla härliga hundar för ett häftigt äventyr som vi kommer att minas för alltid!
Det märks att ni har lagt ner er själ i hela verksamheten. Allting fungerade klockrent. Bra mat (och riklig) mysigt och bekvämt boende, underbara hundar och bra guidning.
En fysiskt ansträngande, men spännande resa i vacker svensk natur i trevligt sällskap med våra nya fyrbenta och tvåbenta vänner är vad vi kommer att ta med oss i minnet härifrån.
Stort tack och lycka till även i fortsättningen!
Hälsningar Ingrid och Andreas från Arboga

Kenneth & Catrine
It is very hard to express in words how amazing my trip was. My expectations were so different from what I experienced, yet in the end it was an absolute mind blowing adventure. It positively affected my soul, mind and body. I felt many different emotions during the tour, from being nervous, to being happy + laughing, to being scared +tired, to finally feeling relaxed. I was also very impressed with how well organized the tour was, from the hospitality, to the amazing food, to knowing I was in good hands. Kenneths experience and knowledge of the mountains made me feel safe. And than there were the dogs. They are truly amazing creatures, ones who earned my respect instantaneously. They encouraged me to take a step back and appreciate where I was, what I was doing, and where I was headed to. They brought peace to my mind, something I desperately needed in my life at this moment. I will miss them greatly and they will forever have a special place in my heart.
With many thanks Stacy - California
Ps. I want to give a special thanks to my team for the trip, Momo, Jet, Henry, Crocker and Diesel.

Sound of Silence, 2 April - 11 April
In the fairy tale wilderness of Sweden I have caught an attack of poetry fever.
Wizards are wizards
Trolls are Trolls
Goblins are Goblins
Deep in their holes
Elves in the woods
Men on the sea
But the back of the dogsled
That's the only place for me!
Another tour through the wonderful Swedish country side with great weather, good company (both human and canine) and great dogsledding. There can be no better way of enjoying the wealth of outdoor-winter than from the back of the dogsled.
I like to think that the dogs themselves have become friends and for me Umnäs with Catte & Kenneth feels like a second home.
When a tour ends there is a certain feeling of sadness but memories and laughter shared through these last day6s make me look forward to new adventures next year!
I wish every success to Kenneth and Catte; they both deserve it for all the hard work they put in especially after having to listen to all my old stories over and over again!
Best wishes!
Phil Gretton - England
Ps/ Thanks to Zucki, Momo, Jet, PHIL, Crocker and my old friend Diesel

After so many years our dreams have finally come true! Bruce and I are from South Africa and although we have our form of dry land dogsledding over here, we have always dreamt of sledding on snow!
Thanks to Kenneth & Catte for having us fulfil our dreams.
Our tour was fantastic! Friendly, sociable dogs that make you think you're their best friend ever.
A guide who is as friendly as the dogs, and a hostess who can cook up a storm (to match the weather outside)
We really had a fantastic time. Good friends, good wine and a wonderful dogsledding tour
As Liz has mentioned above we have waited so long for this tour and funny how things end up so quickly! (Time flies when you have fun)
There are so many highlights that a person can mention, that we either experienced or observed. Those experiences & images will be forever imbedded in my mind.
Thought all of it the dogs are the real stars & I want to play tribute to them, because without them this would not be possible. - Ullis, Kawa, Pumba, Melon, Isa, My and substitute Fjodor.
I really had a great time & who knows you might not have seen the last of us.
Here is a sunny hello and goodbye (tearful) to Kenneth and Catte and all the dogs.
All the best for the future.
Bruce & Liz - South Africa

Just completed a wonderful tour with exceptional dogs and guides. Breathtaking scenery with nothing but the sound of dogs paws on snow. Followed by cosy nights in the mountain huts with good food and fantastic coffee! We will miss Gert, Max, Thruimph, Manchester and Honda who worked so hard all week. Looking forward to our huskies in Scotland.
The Silent Way is definitely the Best Way!
Heather and Bill - United Kingdom

Spring Adventure, 19 April - 30 April
Kenneth and Catte
Once again thank you for an amazing trip. The extended spring expedition proved to be much more challenging than last year but equally we were rewarded with some awesome sights and memories that will last for a very long time.
Thank you both so much.
Philip - London

Dear Catte & Kenneth
Thank you so much for this amazing adventure... once again it was really fabulous!
I will miss the dogs so much and my team particular, they are so sweet and strong.
Lot of love!
Sophie - London

It was a fabulous expedition to the Arctic Circle and beyond. I shall remember the incredible views 1000 m high under clear skies off the beaten track; Boris ears flopping from right to left, the water shining party across the lake, and the five puppies of Ullis to complete it all in style.
See you soon!
Jerome - London

Dearest Catte & Kenneth'
Thank you both so much for such an amazing trip + challenging trip. I loved every one of my dogs - especially Tanja and Snö, and the last day was incredibly beautiful. Kenneth, thank you for navigating the spring snow/water so successfully and many apologies to all my "near death" jokes. Congratulations to the new puppies. I hope Boris makes a good father!
All my Love!
Yasmin - London

Dear Kenneth + Catte
Wow!! Those were some of the most unique, wonderful and tough days of my life. It's hard to explain why, but I really needed those ten days out in the mountains that only The Silent Way could provide. This was food for my soul, so thanks you so much. I feel more alive by a long way than when I arrived.
The dogs were beautiful once again and I think this time I even got all their names right!
Love to all!
Leon - London


From season 2005

Crystal lodge-to-lodge 11 Jan – 17 Jan
It was only after we arrived here and saw what we were going to do and where we were going to do it that I realised what a disaster this trip could have been if we had chosen a different company to do an dogsledding adventure with.
We appreciated your experience, your patience and your sense of humour, your generosity AND the wonderful food.
It was a real pleasure to work with your dogs. They are so warm and friendly and such hard workers. I have never seen such well-disciplined dogs.
You run an operation you can be proud of. I will miss the breathtaking scenery and the quiet. Our tour was just the right combination of time spent in my comfort zone and time of being challenged.
We may never meet each other again but Dan and I will remember you forever.
The trip of lifetime – Thank you.
Suzi Johns – New Zeeland

Kenneth + Catrine are very lucky to live in such a beautiful place. Their generosity of spirit, warmth + welcome are bigger than the mountains that surround them.
You will be in heaven on The Silent Way with Kenneth as your guardian angel.
Dan Keene – England

Been here. Done it twice. Doing it again next year!
Caroline – The Netherlands

The Silent Way was the most fantastic week of my life. Never have I experienced such natural beauty, such a combination of exhilaration and pure serenity, such wonderful people, and there are the dogs…. Amazing creatures full of love, compassion, power, dedication and every other positive trait one can imagine.
Between the company, the surroundings, the food and the guide, the tour was never without a memorable moment – Even though I captured hundreds of moments on camera, there are thousands more that will forever live in my memory. Kenneth was an absolutely fantastic leader who made sure everything went smooth, that we were all having a great time. (his personality and sense of humour and easy way with everyone added to the great time) I learned a lot about nature, myself and life while out on the trail.
Thanks a million, and hopefully we will see each other again very soon.
Thanks man!
Mark Gustafson – USA

Training & Competition 20 Jan – 10 Feb
I feel a little sad writing in the guest book as it means my adventure coming to an end. This is my 5th trip with Kenneth and Catte and my second attempt at the Femund 300 dogsled race in Norway – this time I completed the 300 km course and was not last!
Sometimes it is difficult to describe to someone what you have experienced, words may not be enough, except maybe one – BRILLIANT.
I have to thank Kenneth so much for all the race training, getting the dogs in such good race condition, trusting me with their dogs and above all having the belief in me that I could complete my race.
I have to thank Catte for being my doghandler, the friendly face who helped and encouraged me through the checkpoints, especially during the night.
The real thanks must also go to Nitro, Zucki, Max, Diesel, Jet, Crocker, Boris and Pumba who pulled me through forest, over frozen lakes and over mountains, I think of them as real friends. I will never forgot training over the mountains by moonlight or during the race going along the lake Femund at night for 20 km with the headlights of all the other dog mushers glowing like a string of Christmas lights.
Kenneth says you have to use rubber bullets stop me talking so much but I think he knows how much I have enjoyed being here in Sweden, the whole experience of working with the dogs and the joy of being exhausted as I cross the finish line in the race. Even at 6 o’clock in the morning they still couldn’t stop me talking.
For me now it is back into the crowd (Kenneth knows what I mean) but for once I scared like an eagle and that will stay to me forever.
Best wishes for all your ventures, so much hard work deserves success.
Phil Gretton – England

Custom Tour 13 Feb – 28 Feb
Sent kom vi till Storuman den 13/2. Där stod Stig och mötte oss. Under bilresan till Umnäs berättade han om byar och personligheter. När vi kom fram bjöds vi på the och smörgås trots sen timma och fick prova kläder. Nästa morgon hämtade Kenneth oss på vandrarhemmet. Vi fick hundspann och vips var vi iväg. Staffan, Lena, Franz, Solweig, med Kenneth i fronten som suverän guide. Vi for till Solberg och startade där. Det var inte lätt att sätta på hundarna sele men vi lyckades. Sedan for vi till Tärnasjön, det var kallt –34C.
Vi kom till en härlig stuga efter att ha tagit hundarna över fjället utanför skoterleden i puder! I stugan fanns Inger. Vi såg norrsken. Sov gott efter en god middag.
Nästa dag for vi vidare i kylan –33C. Underbar tur: naturen till Ammarnäs. Vi såg 5 älgar.
Där väntade härlig middag och bastu. Tänk att få en dusch. Vi sov gott efter middag och öl i bastun.
Sedan vidare till Viktoriakyrkan, härlig tur med hundarna. I stugan vid sjön hade vi ett fint stopp. Vatten hämtades ur ett hål i isen, härlig brasa god middag.
Sista dagen hade vi underbart väder med sol och vind. Lena och Solweig vurpade med hundarna men var glada ändå. Kenneth var tålmodig med oss. Vi njöt av underbar natur och Franz från Österrike var hänförd över att åka över så många sjöar. Till slut hittade vi hem till Hundgården där hundarna var lyckliga över att få se Catrine igen. Vi duschade före en härlig middag. Tack Kenneth & Catrine för en av de bästa upplevelserna i livet! Detta är Sveriges framsida! Tack!
Solweig, Staffan, Lena – Sverige & Franz – Österrike

Sunshine Awakening I 21 Feb – 27 Feb
How to describe the silence? How to describe the feeling of speed? How to enjoy the “empty” landscape? How to feel the greaten of pain in your shoulders? You cannot!
I had an experience I will never forget. It took me 50 years! I lost myself but regain something more beautiful. It in the start of another 50 years!
Thank you!
See you sometimes here in another life. Say hello to Stig!
Love from Cees, The Dutch with the arms of health.
I did it my (silent) way!
Cees – The Netherlands

Dear Catrine & Kenneth
Beautiful weather in a beautiful land with beautiful “Silent Way”.
It was really amazing how strong the dogs where pulling the sledge. The start was tough but during the journey it felt better and better.
This was a lifetime experience that I would not miss. I will never forgot the way you both do things on your own silent way. To morrow we leave and I miss the silence already. Together with fly back to our own crazy Holland.
I want to thank you for everything and maybe I will visit you again. Thanks of all my heart!
Frank – The Netherlands

It's such a sad day today, we had to say goodbye to all the dogs. After 5 days it was really difficult. We have enjoyed Sweden, all the fantastic views and the silent of Lapland.
Thank you to the both of you for making our holiday unforgettable. You are great and we hope you will make a lot of other people happy.
We have the memories forever in our mind, Kenneth playing with the yoyo, Catrine going to Stockholm receive a price, Sofie laughing with her father, and the dogs… Ullis, Alou, and Sessan always ready to go, Thruimph, Honda and Kawa asking for attention. Jet, Smart, Harley, Henry, Spej, Gecko, Harley, Hobbe, Diesel and Crocker pulling like crazy and … Dennis who’s reminding my mother!
Thank you hope to see you soon!
Sophie & John – Belgium

Sunshine Awakening II 2 March – 9 March
I came here expecting little other than dogs and snow. Instead I got a real dream of four legged friends and beauty beyond belief. Thank you Catte, Kenneth, Sofie, Cheva, Boris, Henke and all the rest of The Silent Way for an experience that I shall hope to repeat soon.
Merci mille fois.
Jerome – London & France

An extra ordinary adventure, northern light and beautiful nature.
It has been an athletic and true experience.
I shall miss Sessan, Kawa, Honda, Thruimph, Henry and you guys and the landscape and the food too!
Sophie – Paris

Many thanks to Kenneth and Catte for the most amazing adventure. I have learns many things in the past week, including the following…
It is very difficult to shovel shit in icy conditions.
You should never build a snow wall for the dogs on the track…
No matter how excited the dog is, it is always possible to get the harness on.
Sp special thanks to my team of dogs - Max, Henry, Castor, and the brothers Melon and Fjodor. And especial thanks to Kenneth and his incredible competence and unfailing sense of humour – especially when we were flying off our sleds…
If you are reading this and about to embark a tour with The Silent Way – you are very, very lucky!
Yasmin – London

Kenneth & Catte
Thank you so much for an absolute brilliant trip. Expectations were high as I had been studying the website virtually every day of eighteen months to relieve me of the daily grind of work. My belief that Lapland is a country of never ending sunshine was confirmed. The scenery was truly magical and the huts proved to be the perfect refuge after an exciting day. Despite astounding Kenneth with our food consumption, I’m sure my jeans are a bit looser than they were on arrival.
Kenneth and Catte have been the perfect hosts despite being as sick as John Clees`s parrot for most of the week. It was a joy to see the different characters of the dogs emerge over the course of the week and it was impossible not to found a favourite. I look forward to walking around Hyde Park on my return and being transported back to happier times, as I smell the scent of distant dog pooh.
Thank so much. I look forward coming back again.
P.s. Poopa-scooping under the northern lights was the most amazing experience.
Philip – London

Kenneth & Catrine
Thanks so much for such an amazing experience. I knew we would have fun but The Silent Way was better than I could of dreamt of. From the dogs to the cheese, everything was perfect. Kenneth, just like Cheva, you are one in a million!
I sincerely hope to see you all again in years to come.
Leon (not the elk dog) – London

Northern Silence 13 March – 21 March

Back here with the A-team- That is Kate, Simon, Rachel and me. About the same date as last year, but the weather was colder. The food was great again, thanks Catrine.
Good guide as usual.
Anyway we had a great time and sometimes it was tough.
Marjan – The Netherlands

I had a really good time. Thanks for the dogs, food, care and everything.
Rachel – The Netherlands

Wales won the rugby – Yippee!
And we had the most wonderful adventure. Thank you SO much for everything!
See you again!
Kate & Simon – Wales

Sound Of Silence - 3 April – 12 April
Many thanks to Kenneth and Catte for such a memorable and exciting tour. It has been a real combination of pleasure and fear, such beautiful scenery, stunning mountains and lovely lakes mixed with a few scary moments coming downhill and crossing “murder mile”. The dogs have been the real stars; they have been such a pleasure to handle. The rest day was very enjoyable even though we didn’t catch any fish. The Northern Lights were a bonus.
Again, many thanks for such memories.
Sandra & Eddie - Scotland

To my new friends Kenneth, Catte, Lisa and Sofie.
What can I say! I had such an amazing adventure –thank you all for opening your home to me and making me feel so welcome. It truly has been the most fantastic, terrifying, exhausting and challenging experience of my life. There have been tears of fear – Don’t run on blue ice! But mainly tears of awe and wonderment at the beauty around me, the stillness, this really are heaven on earth. Kenneth, thank you for driving me on when I thought I couldn’t and for helping me find my spirit and Catte thank you for being the friend and for all those lovely meals – Girls just want to have fun!
And finally a big thank you to my beautiful dogs who literally pulled me through the last 8 days – Hoppans, Henry, Dennis, Melon, Boris and Pumba I take away a little piece of all of you in my heart and leave a small piece of mine in Umnäs.
I'll be back!
Claire – England

Back again, not in the summer as planned – that is still to done.
Again a lovely trip – greater experience this time and not real summer weather.
Especially enjoyed the days on fresh snow, new trails and back to the old huts and refuges. Every time the sledging is less demanding. This time I was honoured with the “Bitch Pack” – 8 girls confined to the back of the line for safe sex reasons.
Thank you Catrine & Kenneth for good company, excellent food and wonderful days on the trail.
Tom – Wales


Before 2005

Happy New Year Adventure, 27 December - 2 January
It has been a wonderful "sprookje" to be with you and the doggies, we'll be back!
It was nice to be out in the deep snow. We will remember also the adventure when our guide was gone on top of the mountains looking for his dogs. And the surprise everyday what's for dinner…. elk! The food tasted fantastic, specially the Silent Way-kebab.
We think we were very lucky with the weather although the Northern Light was not very bright. It was very nice how Kenneth made us aware of the beautiful nature around us at moments we were too busy managing the sled. Next time we will try to fly on the sled like Kenneth. We hope you will be able to continue for a long time, so we can come back in the future. Thanks again Kenneth & Catte!
- Lindoana Todicescu and Ernst van Noort, Holland

Dear Catte, Kenneth, Sofie & Lisa
We're read the pages of the people that were here before us and; they have said it all… we are as impressed as they are, if not more!
We didn't know anything about Lapland or dogmushing and we're now lost for words… but we agree that you Kenneth & Catte are 2 of the sweetest people we ever met, truly amazing!
We are defiantly coming back for some ice fishing.
- Love Anthony & Caroline

Custom Tour, 2 -7 January

Thank you Kenneth, Catrine, Lisa & Sofie, and all the 32 fun, lovely, hardworking dogs! I miss you all!
· I will miss playing with dogs, the quiet, some time spooky forest, and the moon light on the snow-white world.
· I will miss laughing and joking with Sofie, sometimes I wish she never grows up, stay lovely that way for a long time.
· I will miss Lisa, she is so sweet, understanding and helpful. I like to se her funny hairstyle when she just wakes up in the morning.
· I will miss Catrines food, she is such a good cook.
· I will miss Kenneth. He is like a movie star. He is such a nature, playful and considering man.
· I will miss the whole wonderful family, lots of love, very homie.
· I don't like the day when it was -30 C, it was too uncomfortable, and going to "toilet" in the wild field. Could possible freeze your "thing" off! Eating lunch in the field is a speed test. You can made all the sound and eat with fingers, with no one blame you "uncultured" that are what I also enjoyed.
- Julia & Wilfried, Shanghais & Hong Kong

I've seen a lot of dogsledding, this was the best.
I've been to many places in Sweden; this area is one of the most beautiful of all.
I've met many hosts, Kenneth and Catrine are some of the best.
I like the dry, cold weather; we had plenty of it, -35 C and so…
I love the Arctic light colors, it was here (and to be seen in my 2000+ pix)
Thanks ever so much for great hospitality & safe, friendly guiding as well as wonderful dog!
- Staffan Widstrand, photographer, Stockholm

Crystal lodge-to-lodge, 21 - 27 January

Thanks to Kenneth & Catrine for a great trip, my first time dogsledding, but it will not be my last time!
A lot of things to learn at first and a bit worrying to learn that I would have 8 dogs in my team. But with Kenneth's guidance, very friendly dogs and help from my companion on the trip, Phil, the trip was both a challenging and great fun.
What else to say… beautiful scenery, good food, great hospitality and a great show of Northern Lights!
Thanks again for everything, see you again sometime soon!
- Malcolm, England

Crystal lodge to lodge + Training and Competition, 21 January - 12 February

This has been my fourth trip with Kenneth through the mountains, but this year there was a special reason for coming back. I have dreamed for many years, even before I had been dogsledding, of taking part in a dogsled race. The tour this year was the start of my training for an adventure I could hardly believe was about to happen.
A training run through the night for over 100 km led me into that different world of dogsledding only with your headlight to light your path. Focusing only on the beam of light as is illuminates the dogs and the track just in front of Nitro and Zucki, opened up a different world. Each tree took on a personality of its own trying to take off my hat and headlight as we rushed passed them. The forest at night really was like "Fang horn Forest" (I cannot say to much as Kenneth has not seen the third Lord of the Rings film yet).
All the work with the dogs was to enable me to take point in the Femund 300 race in Norway.

What a sight at night as Kenneth started the Femund 500 race in the main street in Röros. Thirty-nine teams with 12 dogs in each team.
Than the next day it was my turn. Sixty dogsled teams were in my race, it made me feel very nervous at the start. Thankfully I did not fall over in the streets of Röros. However I fell over 6 times in the first 40 km, got lost and arrived last in to the first check point but I did not care - I was in a race. The trip to the second checkpoint along a lake for 20 km through a snowstorm all by myself was a great test. Then I took the wrong way again, stopped to snack the dogs and worked out where I was before getting back on to the correct track. I took the wrong turn again but was helped by some dog handlers from the other teams and finally arrived to the checkpoint still happy to be in the race. The veterinary took 3 of my dogs out of the race and as I prepared to start again at about 3 am Gecko had developed a problem so we decided to take him out of the race. With only 4 dogs left I could not continue.
I had traveled over 80 km, mainly through the night, through a snowstorm, been in the company of some of the best dog mushers in the world, had an adventure like nothing else before and still want to come back for more.
I have to thank Kenneth for the hard work he put in to my training, for the faith ha had in me to believe I could take part in the race and for the trust he put in my to race with his dogs. I have to thank Catrine for being my dog handler during the race and for looking after me so well in Sweden and Norway.
Mostly I must thank Nitro, Zucki, Henry, Mivok, Karlsson, Jet, Hobbe and Gecko for being my companions through the night and through the storms. Better companions no man could ever have.
One adventure over, or hopefully the start of just another.
Best wishes for the rest of the season and all your ventures, you deserve every success!
- Phil Gretton, Derby, England

Sunshine Awakening I, 17 - 23 February

With a big smile on my lips, and a painful feeling in my back and shoulders after five days of fantastic dog mushing through some of the most dramatic county in Sweden. What can I say more than Thanks again for going through the hassle to have me come along!
A few hundred pictures are coming soon! Big Hug!
- Staffan Widstrand, photographer, Järfälla, Sweden

Thank you for a great adventure.
I enjoyed the wonderful days and the hospitality both Kenneth & Catrine shared to both of us.
I will always remember the beautiful scenery of Lapland!
Thanks again
- Shahid Ahmed, Chicago, USA

Thank you for an unbelievable adventure.
The hospitality of Catrine, Kenneth & Catrines father and brother was wonderful.
I didn't know what to expect when I signed up for this trip and I was fantastically over helmed by
the mountains, lakes and forests.
I will miss my hardworking team of dogs - Kawa, Jet, Diesel, Dennis, Pumba and Henry.
Their hard work to pull me up the mountains and cold lakes is unforgettable.
This is the best adventure trip I've ever had.
ps. Goodbye Lisa & Sofie
- Jin Kim, Chicago, USA

A trip of extraordinary adventure and unexpected excitement.
I am sure if the trip was repeated in a week, the adventure would be unique.
Catte and Kenneths warm hospitality was another wonderful aspect of the trip.
It is a trip definitely worth repeating.
- Art Daar, USA

A fantastic trip more difficult than I thought but well worth doing.
An amazing adventure very well organized by Kenneth and Catrine,
good food and great company.
The scenery is spectacular and the terrain changes hour by hour.
A trip that everyone should do at least once in a lifetime.
In my case I intend to come back as soon as I can!
- Terry Bird, Cumbrid, England

Sunshine Awakening II, 26 Feb - 3 March
Our last evening together with our group, what a shame.
What can I say, I did not really know what to expect but its:
- like a fairytale in the woods with the dogs
- very great looks of nature
- minus 20C sometimes and still not cold, thanks to all the clothing of you.
I cannot write it down in words, already the first day I could cry, such a beauty around me.
Such a great dogs and Kenneth great with everything: dogs, nature, us, food…
I was afraid/nervous sometimes but the dogs helped me out.
I'm sorry I can't be more specific, its anyway a feeling and experience that I will always carry with me and no one can take away.
I imagine that those thought and feelings can cheer me up in sad and bad times.
Thank you both very much and hopefully see you again.
- Chris from Holland

Sitting here at your table, just have finished our dinner.
Fabulous as all the last days, but one thing is different this time,
it is the last day.
No more mushing tomorrow. So I wipe away a tear.
This tour has given me more than I could hope or wish for.
Everything was perfect in its most natural way.
The food, the fun, the falling, the fishing (which we didn't do),
the feeling groovy, the feeding of dogs, the flying through the white, blue, yellow, red and green colors with the sled.
The freezing in the ice cold, the fabulous faces of the dogs, the fjäll, the flavors around every corner and of course the flavor of elk,
the forest, the following of the leader, the Kenneth of the month February and March as well, feeling the sun melt the snow on my face,
feeling the dogs firm and after that smelling like dog
(I want wash my gloves ever more, so I can smell them every time I want to catch up good memories!)
I can go on forever and for every letter of the alphabet I can summon up a whole bunch of the things I have given a warm place in my heart,
to take home with me. Souvenirs that money just can't buy.
So thank you, Kenneth and Catrine with all of my heart, for just being your beautiful self and showing me in a beautiful way
with your beautiful dogs in your beautiful country.
- Sandra, Netherlands

This has been an amazing experience. It has really been a holiday I'll never forget.
Pushing my own sled up a mountain while the storm was closing in on us and the dogs were looking at me will make a great story to tell.
The whole trip has been a fantastic contrast to the streets of London.
Thanks you!
- Jacobus Simons, Wellington, New Zeeland

Custom tour, 29 Feb - 7 March
Dear Catrine & Kenneth
We had a lovely week in Umnäs.
Your great hospitality and kindness were like a warm bath to us.
We liked very much to race over the lakes on the snowmobiles.
But the trip through the mountains and the forests were fantastic.
We thank Stig for a nice day ice-fishing and visiting his grandma's house.
The lunches outside and in the cabin were very good we give 4 stars.
The most amazing was the dogsledding.
Theo was glad to fall so softly in the deep snow and he hugs many trees.
The dogs were so hard working.
The nature here is beautiful, quiet silence.
Thank you very much to be with you.
We wish you a good life with your daughters, dogs, family and horses.
- Love and greetings Theo and Alies from Holland

Northern Silence I, 8 - 15 March

Dear Catrine and Kenneth and Dominique.
Thank you for a beautiful holiday. Unforgettable experience and very well organized.
Thanks a lot!
- Wies - Holland

Dear Catrine, Kenneth & Dominique
We have had a lovely time. Everything has been very well organized and well thought out.
The dogs have been fabulous and worked very hard for us.
Trundling along through beautiful mountain scenery, looking forward to yet another delicious meal
Will be the enduring memory from our trip.
Thank you all for help and hospitality.
- Amanda Hall & Mika Smith, United Kingdom

Catrine, Kenneth & Dominique
Thank you so much for the most fabulous time.
It will stay in my memory…. Until the next time…
Warm regards
- Kate & Simon, Wales

Dear Catrine, Kenneth and Dominique
Had a great time. Good food all the way.
Hate to say good bye to the dogs
- Marjan, Holland

I had a really good time and a lot of fun.
The dogs were great and the guides were nice.
The food was good and the company interesting.
I will come back…
- Love from Rachel, Holland

Northern Silence II, 19 - 26 March

We came as a family to celebrate my fathers 60th birthday together with the dogs, snow, storms and wonderful company.
We will really miss the beautiful dogs - Castor, Spej, Ullis, Gecko, and Mivok especially.
We hope Kenneth and Catrine come to California and do some warm weather mushing (running with dogs on the beach).
We really appreciate all the support and encouragement in our training - and patience with false starts and bad turns.
Pat, a California native and enthusiast, was astonished by the way she stayed warm with the great gear -
She had predicted being cold in the arctic, but was warm!
Warm liquids, warm lunch, good conservation kept us all warm and happy and so grateful for having a chance to be in Lapland.
We hope our dogs forgive and bad turns or slow starts and wish The Silent Way many happy trips to come! Thank you!
- Pat, Char, Hans and Fritz, California

Custom tour 28 March - 4 April
It has been three years since our first trip, and the dogsledding has lost none of its magic.
In spite of me being a little sick, we all enjoyed ourselves immensely.
Catrine accompanied us with Pavo and Leon pulling her on skies and we all felt tired watching as we struggled with the deep snow on days 2 & 3.
This trip was completely different in terms of scenery, temperature and conditions.
We were blessed with 3 days of glorious sunny and hot weather and packed trails as well as colder stormy conditions in deep snow.
As before, we loved the dogs, the trip was exciting and relaxing and most of all we felt like part of the family with Kenneth, Catrine, Lisa & Sofie.
Thank you and see you again!
- Alison & Brendon, London

Dear Kenneth & Catrine
Thank you for the guiding + entertaining + feeding us on our fantastic adventure.
The whole thing is clearly very well planned and I was impressed at the professionalism that made (almost) everything run so smoothly.
The high lights for me were the home stretch to Dalovardo, the rest time + arrival meal when we got there.
Some advice for future guests: Dig deep holes in the evening, keep your concentration on the down hills and watch out for Henke.
Thank you Kawa, Mivok, Henke, Dennis & Spej.
- Toni, London

Kenneth, Catrine
Thank you for a very memorable holiday. You run an impressive operation, which made the trip fun and rewarding for us!
- Frank, London

Custom tour over Easter, 8 - 15 April
It has been wonderful to slide on silent ways through real fantasy world.
Thanks for everything; it's been great to both of you. You gave us unforgettable memories.
And last but not least:
Thanks to the dogs, maybe we will forgot your names but never how brave and strong, how wild but social you are…
Good Luck!
Marcel & Helena, Switzerland

Sound of Silence 16 - 25 April
I would like to thank you both for the privilege of getting to know and run with the dogs that you so obviously love.
It has been a unique week and I hope you find success in all your adventures and that people great you with the same open hearts that you show to everyone.
You and the dogs will always stay in my thoughts and maybe we will meet again… that would be nice.
- Gary Blades, England

Thank you for giving such a wonderful experience, lovely food and great company.
Thank you both and the dogs and I hope all goes well for you in the future.
- Lorna Davis, Wales

Well - what a trip, what a challenge, what an experience, what a various country to travel and enjoy.
Thank you both Kenneth and Catrine for your professionalism, your guiding confidence and leading us through difficult conditions.
I enjoyed the variety of sledging on lakes, rivers, forest and plateaus. When the challenge is greatest the memory of the day is most charred.
So I leave, hoping that I became a more experienced musher - to next time.
I'm ready to return summer and winter in this beautiful country.
Thank you!
- Tom Davis, Wales

An amazing trip, mountains, lakes, rivers, forests - incredible scenery. The dogs so friendly and strong, nothing too hard for them to do, they just kept going! The adventure is trying to control them and the sled shall stay with me forever. I've had the best adventure trip, a pity it had to end. Thanks to Kenneth for making it possible and for his help, Catte for the great food we ate on the tour. - Alex Morrison, New Zealand - 8-days tour "The Last Definition of Snow"

Thanks a lot Kenneth, Catrine, Katja and of course the dogs. It's a topic but for me it has been a dream comes true. I've enjoyed the trail, landscapes, people, huts …… everything.
You can't even imagine how important for me it is to have this adventure completed!
I hope to be able to come back again, for me you have been a second family here in Sweden. Thank so much! Espero que nos podemos ver en Espana tambien. - Jesus M. De Porras Brun, Spain - 12-days tour "Discovery Of Lifetime II"

Good bye Nitro, Tua, Papillion, Diesel, Honda, Dennis, Hobbe, Manchester and all the other dogs. Thanks Catte & Kenneth for a very nice adventure days in Lapland. The dogs are the nicest and most social ones I ever seen in front of a sledge. Kenneth's cooking talents almost equals his mushing capabilities. Thanks for great hospitality. We are sure we will be back soon! - Helmut Sicheritz, Austria - 12-days tour "Custom Tour"

We had a really nice honeymoon here together with Kenneth, Catrine, Lisa and Sofie. Thanks a lot for good service. We like Lapland very much. It is indescribable beautiful here. Your dogs are so nice and kind! The snowmobile was great fun. We will certainly give our impression on our website http://users.skynet.be/zwedenactief, then perhaps other Belgian people can come up north to your amazing adventures! - Virginie & Arne Talliue, Belgium - 8-days adventure (honeymoon) with dogmushing, snowmobile and skiing, "Custom tour"

I feel very privileged to have seen the wilderness in the company of Kenneth and all the dogs. As each day went by we grew nice confident in handling the sledges and the dogs. The dogs are so patient whilst we put on the harnesses and put them on the sledge lines. Kenneth kept us aware of all the scenery we were passing through. Some days we were in complete sunshine with blue skies and no wind. Good friends, good weather, happy dogs and wonderful scenery - who could ask for anything more? Thanks Kenneth for all your help and guiding in the snow! - Phil Gretton, England - 8-days tour "Sound of Silence II"

After the wonderful days of silence with the dogs it feels boring that it's already over. Thanks for your guiding Kenneth and lovely days on the mountains! Great food Catte. We hope to see you soon! - Pål Olsson, Sweden & Maria del Mar, Patagonia - 5-days tour "Custom tour"

As I traveled here I was reading "Frankenstein" and there was a perfect quote for how I was feeling: "It is impossible to communicate to you a conception of the trembling sensation, half pleasurable and half fearful, with which I am preparing to depart. I am going to unexplored regions to The land of mist and snows."
I am happy to say that the trip was pleasurable and although it was hard work on occasions the wonderful scenery and the quietness were certainly worth it. I still cannot believe how well behaved and friendly the dogs were. Thanks for a great holiday!
Ps/ The names memory rhymes are: -

  1. There was a GECKO wearing LEWIS and a MANCHESTER united shirt watching the film HONDA. After he got on his KAWAsaki and met DENNIS the friend who was holding a stick of NITRO.
  2. An American WRANGLER went to Paris to see the MONA Lisa and SESSAN ´s partings. He traveled on his SUZUKI using DIESEL. He went to see the film PAPILLION wearing his HOBBE hat and drank CARLSON lager in the interval
    - Lesley Gretton, England - 8-days tour "Sound of Silence II"

I do not know where to begin. I have wanted to come to Sweden for at least a decade. I also have desired a dogsledding trip for many years as well. To have both come true at the same time….. God sent. The people I have met have taken the time to make me feel welcome. Meeting Catte, Kenneth, Ulrika, Lisa and Sofie has been a treasure in itself.
The sled trip …. After falling within the first three minutes I had to ask myself if I had made a wise choice in coming. The answer is definitive YES! Learning how to control the sled and dogs was exhilarating. Seeing the mountains, forests and scenery gave me a new appreciation of nature. The struggle with the melting snow was truly "the definition of the last snow!"
Catte gave another experience I will not soon forget. Racing across the half melted beach on Icelandic horses! Also an adrenalin rush!
Thank you so much for the experiences. You have now played a part in furthering the development of who I am and who I will become in the future.
Thank You! - Deborah Widmer, Texas, USA - 8-days tour "The Last Definition of Snow"

Thanks for the opportunity for an adventure of a lifetime. Your dogs were so behaved and the scenery was spectacular. When I visit Sweden again, please be assured, Dogsled riding will be on my list of things to do and see again. - James Lawson, USA - One-day trip

Thank you so much for the experience of a lifetime. I’ve had an extra ordinary time. Lapland is very beautiful place and I am very honored that you let me stay in your home to experience it. The dogs you have are amazing! I’m honored to have been able to have such a experience. Thank you for all the meals – they were great! Especially the reindeer on the trip and the fish for dinner. I know I will return someday, hopefully for a longer running. Thank you again for your warmth and hospitality. Sincerely Deanna Grams. - Deanna Grams, USA - One-day trip

I had longed for dogsledding for many years. I am really glad that my dream came true. I love the dogs here. I fell off the sledge a few times, but I think I was a pretty good driver after all! The food was very tasty. It was the first time for me to eat elk and reindeer meat. Kenneth & Catte are really friendly couples. I like them a lot and so are Lisa and Sofie. Anyway, when I get home. I’m going to tell all my friends about it and they’ll be jealous of me. I hope to see you all again in the future. Love Mariko - Mariko Tsukushino, Japan - Two-day tour
I just want to say thank you for our fantastic and exciting day trip with your wonderful dogs. Marvellous food! An experience to remember for life! - Lars Uhlin, Sweden

Thanks for a marvelous 6-day dogsledding adventure. Three years of compressed mountain experience at one time. Very good! - Totta Nohrstedt, Sweden

We would like to thank you for this great experience with your dogsledge. It was so impressioned that we can`t find any words to describe it to our people at home. - Katja Ehlert & Aina Peschel, Treek Germany

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