We have started a cooperation together with Ammarnäs fishing center.

Ulf and Bodil have been working with fishing tour for arond ten years. Their fishing guide Peter has been working with them for three years. His wife Mia stands behind the fantastic food you will be served.

Ammarnäs fishing center is a member of Natures Best. That stands for high quality for the nature and for you as a guest.


This season we will start to have 5-days fishing tours

  • 14–18 Feb - Max 6 guests
  • 3-7 April - Max 6 guests
  • 10-14 April - Max 6 guests
  • 17-21 April - Max 6 guests
Tour Program for Icefishing

Transfer from Storuman airport to Ammarnäs Guesthous.
You get your room before we take a nice lunch in the restaurant.
Information about the fishing and the area around you.
In the afternoon you get your snowmobile and warm clothes and we go out for some training on the snowmobile before we enter the mountains!
Dinner at 18.00
You get a good nights sleep and dream about snow, mountains and beautiful fishes.

Breakfast 8.00
We jump on our snowmobiles around 9.00 and go in to our breathtaking mountains. After 30 km we see our first mountain lake Soulojaure!
Here you will take part in a magnificent fishing of the big chars.
We make our lunch over open fire and after a nice meal we put the coffee kettle over the fire.
After more fishing we go back to Ammarnäs again.
After a sauna and shower we eat a nice dinner made of … of course char!.

Breakfast 8.00
This day we go with our snowmobiles around 10 km east to the mountain lakes Bissan & Bertejaure.
Here we have great opportunities to meet the char again.
Again we eat a nice lunch that we make over the open fire.
Around 17.00 we are back in Ammarnäs. We sit down and take something to drink and relax when we talk about our day.
This is the time when you discover that your arms are to short to show how big fishes you seen through your hole in the ice.
Sauna and shower before dinner.
A good night sleep.

Breakfast 8.00

Today we get transported by snowmobile (restricted area) up to Näsbergstjärn which has a magnficent population of char.
We eat our lunch out in the nature.
We estimate to be back in the village at 17.00.
This evening we enjoy a traditional woodheated sauna.before we have dinner.

Breakfast at 8.00
Today we visit the exhibition called "Naturum" (natures room) which is about the Vindelfjällens nature reserve (in which you have spent a few days).
We also visit a famous Margareta Gran (samic handcrafter) If you want you can buy some of her art.

Transfer to Gunnarns airport.

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