Finnmark Race

After 94 hours behind the dogs on the track in Finnmark Norway, Kenneth took the 15th place in Finnmark race this year.
That’s fantastic!
He was the best musher outside Norway! (Well… some parts of him are still Norwegian…).
His time for the pause was 51 hours, that’s 35 %. Our dogs don’t goes so fast but they don’t need as much rest as the others.
The tracks were very hard and that was not so good for our dogs, they have been running around in the deep snow the whole season and that would have been better for them with softer tracks.

Alou, Gert, Tanja, Sinbad, Balto, Charlie, Stig, Kanel and Chili did the whole race and when they crossed the Finnish line they looked extremely nice.
After 3 days rest, all of them are out on tour again – that’s amazing! Ullis, Itzak, Salt, Frank and Elvis did not manage to do the whole race this year but they have done it really good and we are so proud over our dogs.

Kenneth’s handler Nora has done a fantastic job! To be a handler is exactly as hard as the mushers work but in another way, for example she had10 hours sleep on the whole race!!
It is so much to do and so much to think about…
We also send big Thanks to Terry from England that jumped in as a driver to Nora after our other handler pissed of after he crashed our car. The pictures you can see here is also from Terry.

Kenneth’s goal for the race was to be in the Top 10, but the absolutely best mushers in Norway were on the race and he is very pleased to be in the 15th place.

This is nice pictures from the heroes of the race:

Thanks for the sponsorship from our guests and for all the Congratulations and happy emails from our guests!

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