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PRESS RELEASE Jarfalla, Sweden, October 10, 2007

Wild Sweden -
Exploring an Outdoor Wonderland
by Staffan Widstrand

The first-ever temptation book about the Crown Jewels of nature in Sweden.
The riches of wildlife, the wild lands and the outdoor joys of this Alaska of Europe, have long remained a well kept secret.
That has now forever changed.

Wild Sweden is a labor of love and a fountain of inspiration and temptation. A book about the strongest nature and outdoor attractions in this pretty wild and exotic country.
Wild Sweden takes you on an image Odyssey through some of the wildest nature areas in Europe. Through mythical old-growth forests, wild mountain ranges and unique archipelagoes. Meeting it’s most charismatic wildlife inhabitants and trying out the Best of the Best of Sweden´s outdoor and adventure travel possibilities:
Wilderness dog sledding, reindeer trekking in Lapland, fly fishing for trout and arctic char, wolf tracking, archipelago sea kayaking, mountain horse riding treks, white water rafting, reindeer sledding, seal safari, canoeing, bird watching, midwinter camping expeditions, timber rafting, farm stays, family adventures, mountain biking, tall ship sailing, moose safari, bear watching, off piste skiing, cross-country skiing, moose hunting, snowshoeing, wilderness hiking and camping...

Everything in Wild Sweden is actually within easy reach. One doesn’t even have to be Indiana Jones to make it out there. Everything described is bookable! Most quality-labeled by Nature´s Best.

Wild Sweden also offers a short fact section, including a map of Sweden, basic facts for the outdoor traveller, and the author’s Top list of Swedish nature tour products. There is also a ”Nature Photography for Everyone” section for the photography-minded traveler.
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Wild Sweden – Exploring an Outdoor Wonderland is published
by Norstedts in a Swedish and an English edition, and by Bruckmann Verlag in German.

For further information, please contact:
Author Staffan Widstrand
+46 8 -583 518 31
+46 70-657 33 24 mobile

Sara Henrikson
+46-8-769 89 31
+46-70-637 31 04 mobile

Bruckmann Verlag
Carola Schindler
+49 (0) 89 - 13 06 99 27
Graphic design by Eva-Jo Hancock
WILD SWEDEN ISBN 978-91-1-301773-0
VILDA SVERIGE ISBN 978-91-1-301738-9
WILDES SCHWEDEN ISBN-13: 978-3-7654-4823-2

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