How to get here

  • How to get to Umnäs from anywhere
    You should let us know in advance what means of transportation you wish to arrive with, so we may help you to make your trip to Umnäs as easy as possible.

  • Arlanda airport in Stockholm to Hemavan
    Arlanda airport in Stockholm is the nearest international airport. From Stockholm most of our foreign visitors travel by air to our local airport, Hemavan airport. An easy way for you to book your flight from Stockholm to Hemavan is via the airline company Amapola, You must also arrange for your own international airfare to Stockholm.

  • Assistance
    We are here to assist you with your travel plan. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Mail

  • Useful sites for travelling information
    For Direct busses : (in Swedish only)
    For Direct Flights :
    For Indirect Trains/busses :
    Summer train :
    Tourist Info :