Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long have you been in the sled dog business?
    'The Silent Way' has existed for 130 years, and we have been in the dogsled business for 16 years, combined with wilderness guiding experience. People from all walks of life, from all around the world have been enjoying our tours.

  • Who actually conducts the trips? What are their qualifications and experiences? What medical training have they had?
    Our guides are Swedish, Norwegian, English and French spoken, experienced in backcountry winter survival, first aid and dog handling, and carries a NMT mobile phone for evacuation or emergency first aid assistance, along with the assistance of a GPS. Kenneth, our mushing leader, has fiften years of mountain guiding experience, with thirten years mushing experience. When trips are more than five guests booked we are assisted by Dominique who has been mushing for 20 years in our area. Besides that we have Catte and Malte, who are our other key personnel here at 'The Silent Way' with more than 20 years Ranch expedience.

  • How many dog teams do you have operational at one time? How many teams will be going on this trip? How many people per sled? How many guides?
    All our trips feature one person per sled. A fully booked trip consists of 5 guests and 1 guide (perhaps one assistant). Under typical conditions each guest drives a 5-8 dog team while the guides drive 8-10. You can also book as one group. In that case we take maximum 8 guests with 2 guides.

  • How much are guests involved in harnessing?
    We encourage maximum involvement. To make a good adventure we encourage all our guests to help with the dog, carrying wood, bring water and help packing and unpcking the sleds when we are out on the tour.

  • What kind of dogs do you use?
    Alaskan huskies; all are of them are racing stock for competitive racing. More info

  • Do you ever have dog fights?
    We have worked very hard to eliminate fighting from our kennel and consider a fight extremely unlikely. More info

  • Are the dogs socialized well? To children as well?
    All dogs are individuals; some are very friendly while some are more reserved or even shy. Our dogs have very little contact with small children and are therefore not well suited for them. The dogs are very friendly but their size is large. Thus, a happy dog and a small child is not a good mix. More info

  • What is included in the price?
    Everything except personal gear and expenses. More info

  • What equipment is provided? What isn't?
    We recommend that you have your own personal winter gear. Please study our Tips, Tricks & Pack list. Otherwise, we have the essential gear to make your tour as comfortable as possible.

  • Do you have sleeping bags or comforters for guests who ride in the sled?
    Yes, we have sleeping bags for every guest, but we encourage everyone to mush their own sledge as that is part of the adventure, and it is actually uncomfortable to sit in a sledge the whole day.

  • What about weather conditions?
    We will be in full operation unless the temperatures is -35 degrees Celsius or colder. And unless there is very stormy weather. However, this very rear and we stand by for weather improvements which always change quickly.

  • What kind of meals are provided?
    Hearty, healthy, home made, local food. Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements. We will do our best to accommodate you or we will let you know well in advance if we cannot. More info

  • What kinds of accommodation do you have?
    Cabins/lodges or hotel. Our lodge are charming and of high standards. We can also provide tents if you wish. More info

  • How much time will we be on the trails?
    You will spend arrival and departure day in Umnäs village. When we are on the trails, we usually mush 4-8 hours per day. More info

  • How many miles will be covered each day?
    Distance can vary depending on conditions. We mush from lodge-to-lodge. In average conditions we will mush 35-55 km per day. More info
  • Is experience required? What kind of physical ability is needed?
    No experience is required, except otherwise specified in the program. Good health and average physical ability combined with a willingness to learn is all that is necessary. When driving a modern dog sled you stand on the runners. There is no requirement to run behind or walk in front. You can also choose to be pulled by two dogs while you are on ski (skijoring). more info

  • Will there be pre-trip training available?
    You will receive proper instructions and training for each tour. Don't worry, we will accommodate the tour according to your skills. You can also receive answers to any questions you might have before your trip via e-mail.

  • Do you have adequate liability insurance?
    Yes, the owner/operator/guide carries liability insurance, however participants must recognize there are risks inherent in these sports. You should also have a personal travel insurance prior to departure.

  • Have you ever had an accident that injured a guest?
    No. We have had small accident likes like bruises and small scratch wounds that you can get on an active holiday.

  • Do you have all necessary permits?

  • And off course, should you have any other questions feel free to contact us at