Vindeln Mountain, Europes biggest Nature Reserve II
27 March - 7 April

Guides note
This is the longest tours of the season; it is a expedition tour that means that you will face all weather and condition that the nature will give. During the tour all of us have to help with everything, take care of our teams together, bring water, cleaning after the dogs, feed them and so on. The guide cooks all the meals during the tour.
We start in Umnäs and go into Vindeln Nature reserve where we stay in 10 days, the route is depending on the weather and snow conditions but for sure, it is a very beautiful tour. The tour is around 450 km. Exceptional it is that you will get to know your team and yourself more than on any other tour, which will leave you with a sense of wisdom and belonging you can cherish for life. We will discover incredible openness, mountains views and nature. On this tour we cross the Arctic Circle on our way through the mountain world.
This is for you that really like to do something special for yourself together with a team of dogs!

In April we have daylight the whole day and evening and the sun warm up during the day. The temperature is around +5 to – 15 C in the day and a little colder during the night. But in April the weather is a little bit funny, it can change a lot from hour to hour during the day. The tracks are often very good and the snow is normal settled and hard.


Time to go home with a lot of new friends
and amazing memories from Lapland!