Dogs, Mountains and Sunshine Weekend
6 - 9 March

Guides note
March is a beautiful month for dogmushing. The tracks are getting harder and we will go faster with the dogs. The sun is warming us up during the day. The chances to see the Northern light and the Arctic light are still very good. On this tour we maybe will meet some people in the mountains, but we will still feel that we have the mountains for ourselves.

In March the temperature is around -5 to -25 C. Daylight from around 07.00 to 18.00. This month is normally a very sunny time in Lapland but of course nature is always nature.

Weekend program

Arrival day
When you arrive in Lapland, Hemavan airport, you will go by car the last 80 km to Umnäs. The first thing we will do in Umnäs is to go and say hello to the dogs. After that we have dinner at host home or something lighter like sandwich/lunch depending on what time you arrive. We also take a look on what gear and clothes you need to borrow from us. We talk about the tour and how to handle the sled and dogs. We also have a practice time with the sled and the pulling lines. All nights you will stay in a nice, cosy and warm Swedish timber lodge with electricity, water and shower. The lodge is warmed up with wood.

Day 1 - 2
Your first day out with the dogs. You eat breakfast in your house around 8.00. Around 9.30 we meet in the dog yard.. You learn how to harness the dogs and you also get to know the names of the dogs in your team. After that it is time to pull the anchor, stand on the brake and GO FOR IT! After half way we stop for lunch. We make a cozy and warm fire where we prepare the lunch. After lunch we go back to the dog yard where we harness of and take care of the dogs. Dinner together with your hosts.

Day 2 we go out with the dogs again, now we take another route so you will see new beautiful areas of our landscape. Lunch outside as we had the first day. When we come back we take care of the dogs and have dinner with your hosts.

Departure day
Breakfast in your lodge before we go out to say goodbye to the dogs. We eat lunch, write the guest book and mark the maps over your days in the wilderness (if you like).

Time to go home with a lot of new friends
and amazing memories from Lapland!