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  • About Slussfors "the town between the bridges"(in Swedish, but with great pictures)
    Description: Slussfors is described as "the town between the bridges". The site is in Swedish but you can look at some really beautiful pictures of the nature (natur: in Swedish). We recommend you to take a look and enjoy the landscape of Slussfors in the north of Sweden.

  • Law control in Sweden
    Description: The main responsibilities of the Riksdag are the enactment of laws and determination of state expenditure and revenue. Another central task is to scrutinize and exercise control over the Government and the public administration. One of the instruments of parliamentary control is the Parliamentary Ombudsmen, who have served as a model for a number of similar bodies in other countries. The Riksdag also influences foreign policy and has an insight into the work of the EU through regular consultations with the Government.

  • Learning Swedish
    Description: Swedish is a fascinating and expressive language. It is also a melodic language, admittedly difficult to pronounce like a native because of its characteristic sing-song rhythm, but otherwise not more complicated to learn than English.

  • The Sami people
    Description: The Sami's language, traditional clothing, handicraft, and music, are distinctively different from other ethnic groups in Scandinavia. In Sweden there is 44 native communities where the families derives most of the income from their reindeers, an economy that in most cases is combined with fishing, hunting and crafts.

  • Traditional Swedish cooking
    Description: Traditional Swedish cooking cannot be compared with the sophistication of, say, French or Italian cuisine. Swedish food is usually simple and satisfying, and nowadays also healthy. In the last few decades' immigrants from all over the world have enriched our food culture with a host of exciting dishes. Foreign fast food, for example, has become an inseparable part of Swedish youth culture.

  • The Swedish monarchy
    Description: The Swedish monarchy rests on traditions going back more than a thousand years in time. During this long period there have been more than 70 kings, all of them known to us by name.

  • The National Archives (Riksarkivet)
    Description: The National Archives (Riksarkivet) is one of the oldest public agencies in Sweden, its history leading back to the middle Ages. In the 17th century, Chancellor Axel Oxenstierna created a new organization for the record keeping and the National Archives came into being. Today, the National Archives has the supervision of all public records of the agencies of the central Government, while it delegates to the regional archives the supervision of records generated by regional and local authorities. The Military Archives, SVAR (Svensk Arkivinformation) and Arkion are also parts of the National Archives.

  • The Nobel Prize
    Description: The Nobel Prize is the first international award given yearly since 1901 for achievements in physics, chemistry, medicine, literature and peace. The prize consists of a medal, a personal diploma, and a prize amount.

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