Work at The Silent Way

If you are young and motivated individual with a sense of working for the sake of great experience and self discovery, and not for the sake of money, working at 'The Silent Way' might be something for you.

You will work 8-10 hours per day six days per week, and the bonding with the dogs is extremely important. You will learn each dog's name, their individual personality, where they live, and what position they run in the team. The basics includes our feeding program, kennel cleanup, watering, puppy and geriatric dog care, everything is done a certain way to expedite completion.

You will provide safety for our guests, our dogs and our mushers which is our number one concern. You must be able to make split second physical and mental reactions to situations on the trail. You must be able to work in harsh weather condition. We work no matter what the weather is. Pouring rain, sub zero, blizzard, treacherous winds, no matter what.

The best way to find out more is to e-mail Kenneth, our lead musher.